The interior of the first crossover Aston Martin was caught with almost no camouflage

The interior of the first crossover Aston Martin was caught with almost no camouflage


The first crossover British manufacturer Aston Martin once again hit the lenses spies. But this time they managed to capture not only an indoor camouflage the body, but also pre-production version of the interior.

Many elements remain closed black plastic: for example, the dashboard, door cards and center tunnel. While most of the details that can be viewed, borrowed from Mercedes-Benz Central display of the multimedia system control unit climate and even the steering wheel.


In addition to components for the interior of the crossover, Aston Martin will borrow from the German manufacturer and power plant. We already know that DBX will receive a four-liter V8 engine from AMG. Together with him will work eight-speed automatic transmission. Later, the expected emergence of a more powerful version with a 5.2-liter V12 engine and hybrid modification.

The manufacturer began testing its first crossover last fall – then the car first went on the road for the rally, to demonstrate the operation of the chassis in various conditions.

In the spring of the future novelty was sent to the Arctic circle, to see how the crossover will behave in a snowy and ice-covered trails. Through these tests, engineers have adjusted the suspension tuning and all-wheel drive system.


In June of this year at the new factory of the brand in the British St. Athanasios began the production of test specimens DBX, these cars continue to be sent to various tests. The official debut of the model to the end of 2019, and from the beginning of next year on the conveyor needs to get the serial version of the crossover.

As you planned the first crossover Aston Martin?

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