The interior of the new Audi A3 will trim the plastic bottles

The interior of the new Audi A3 will trim the plastic bottles


Upholstery new Audi A3 on 89 percent of tissue obtained from processed recycled materials. For its manufacture are plastic bottles, pre-shredded and melted into a homogeneous mass, which then get granular, – the basis for threads.

Audi model A3 of the fourth generation for the first time will be offered with echobelly from recycled plastic. According to the estimates of each set of seats out of the 45 bottles of 1.5 liters and 62 more required for the manufacture of flooring. Recycled also made the side panel and boot floor, and along the floor mats.


According to the company, the main goal is to increase the number of recycled content to 100 percent. Responsible for the development of new types of upholstery division has already approached the creation of this fabric – it consists entirely of unmixed material, which will allow you to use it again. In the long run salons from recycled recyclables will appear on all cars from Ingolstadt.

The use of plastic and even organic matter for production of new materials is not something outlandish. So Polestar is experimenting with textiles and biocomposites from fishing nets, Ford – reinforces plastic coffee husk, produces components from the peel, stems and seeds of the tomatoes, the Mercedes-Benz about the prospects of polymer from recycled solid waste.

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