The interior of the Porsche 911 convertible is generously decorated tree

The interior of the Porsche 911 convertible is generously decorated tree


Bulgarian tuning Studio Vilner thoroughly worked over convertible Porsche 911 Carrera generation of the 996, which, apart from the outrageous body kit, has received a rather unusual interior.

Sports car Porsche 911 of the 996 generation was produced from 1997 to 2004 and, it would seem, has long gone out of sight tuning shop. However, the Bulgarian company Vilner took thoroughly to redo convertible 1998 release, having finished as the exterior of the sports car and the interior. Series 996 for the first time in the history of the legendary model switched to water cooled engines instead of air and got the front lighting intricate shapes instead of round headlights. For such a bold design move and a departure from the classical canons “nine hundred and eleventh” is often criticized, however, Studio Vilner has made the front optics of the sports car from Zuffenhausen look even more difficult.


The Bulgarians added lights four-point daytime running lights in the style of the new Porsche and made the turn signals led, at the same time having painted the headlight housings black. Rear optics has also become diode. The blue car was very fancy kit with decorative elements copper colour called Vilner Copper Rose Atelier developed jointly with BASF. Despite the rather controversial exterior, the interior of the sports car could be called a work of art. The salon is decorated in brown leather with a bold X-shaped seam-leather strips: these elements are present on the front panel, seats and doors.

The interior is lavishly decorated with wood: it was a place on the steering wheel, centre console and doors.

“This car for over 20 years and each part is screaming that it is outdated,” – says Atanas Vilner. The owner of the Studio Vilner added that using bold materials and textures Bulgarian experts managed to bring the car a new life. In the interior there was a place for special plates with the customer’s name and stamped 01/01, hinting that the car is made in a single copy. “Too bold? We have never been mainstream,” says Wilner.

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