The Internet has showed the most expensive GAZ-23 “Volga”

The Internet has showed the most expensive GAZ-23 “Volga”


The motorist presented a very rare car GAZ-23, estimated at 140 thousand dollars.

This GAZ-23 was subjected to the subtlest of restoration and now its shown in one of the auto together with other cars of the Soviet period. The car was restored in accordance with the original model.

The car got the nickname “catch-up”, as it was used in the KGB and other intelligence services of the Soviet Union. GAZ-23 “Volga” was applied in the course of special operations, and for maintenance.


The most obvious difference GAZ-23 from GAZ-21 is hidden under bonnet space as a “catch-up” received a 5.5-liter V8 engine ZMZ-23 performance 195 HP paired with the engine is 3-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the model has a reinforced suspension and more powerful braking system.

GAZ-23 to the first “hundred” accelerates in just 16 seconds, and GAZ-21 – 32 seconds. With a curb weight of 1620 kg GAS 23, allowing you to accelerate to 160 km/h.

Under the hood you can notice characteristic mask application installed in connection with a larger radiator. GAZ-23 Volga was produced from 1962 to 1970. In total were produced 960 cars. It should be noted that the “catch-up” was intended only for government services and in private hands is not sold, to the present day survived about 20 to 30 machines.

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