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The owners talk about the importance of insurance of a civil liability of any articles about insurance. But according to statistics, 10% of drivers use the vehicle without a policy of insurance.

Considering that the average cost of insurance in Ukraine is 700 UAH per a year, and the penalty for lack of insurance can reach 850 UAH, each detection by the police is a questionable way to save money.

I want to believe that such a risk is a temporary and short-term phenomenon for drivers who have almost no time to visit insurance offices. After all, for the registration of insurance through a branch, you need to figure out a time and wait for the queue. Also note that when paying, in addition to the cost of the insurance, the price also includes the Commission of an insurance agent.

These problems are resolved by the service selection and design insurance products – Hotline Finance.

Advantages of CTP on the

  • no need to go to the insurer’s office, sit in line, the paperwork (everything can be done from the comfort of home, at work or anywhere where there is Internet);
  • the procedure takes up to 5 minutes, and the result – insurance e-mail immediately after payment;
  • no extra charges and commissions – the prices are competitive and current.
  • complete security of the transaction and the guarantee of a refund.

The ability to issue electronic insurance policy greatly simplifies the lives of owners. The process is expeditious, time-saving, the availability of lucrative offers make to keep up with time even the most hardened opponents of the digitalization.

What CTP is different from paper

If the usual paper policy clear, it is the same official paper, as well as other documents, the e-policy is a new concept for the average Ukrainian.

E-policy is an official document which legally is no different from the usual paper version of the insurance. The new format introduced by order of the National Commission in the field of financial services No. 3631 from 31.08.2017.

In both cases, when an electronic and paper policy, the information goes into the database of MTIBU, which, subsequently, the police can check the relevance of the individual number of insurance. For an electronic version, it is enough to show the policy to the smartphone, without any paper copies.

There are only two fundamental differences:

  1. File of e-policy can be stored in the smartphone or any cloud resource without fearing for the physical safety of the document. In addition, the Hotline service Finance developed a special application on which your insurance after you download be access even without a network connection.
  2. Electronic policy purchased online eliminates the chance of counterfeiting and minimize the human factor.Since an individual document number is automatically included in the database of MTIBU at the time of payment.

MTIBU is now working on the digitalization of the entire workflow system for CTP. Already more than half a million car owners have switched to online registration. Every month the percentage of drivers who switch to E-policies is growing.

How to calculate insurance online

Service hotline Finance has official relations with the 28 insurance companies operating on the Ukrainian market.

To make a purchase, you don’t even need to leave the house. Simply go to the website and select the parameters (vehicle type, engine size, city, provision of benefits). Also, thanks to the advanced filters, you can select the size of the deductible, additional coverage and other services.

The service allows you to compare rates and terms from leading Ukrainian companies. Selecting a suitable option is to pay the insurance credit card.

Ready! Insurance for e-mail.

If you have any questions, the deal will help support.

And a special bonus for users – 10% of the value of the policy, the service returns to mobile. Enter the promo code INFOCAR19 at the stage of registration of insurance, and you are guaranteed to get 10% of cashback on your mobile.

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