The Italians will attract new customers more affordable supercar Ferrari

The Italians will attract new customers more affordable supercar Ferrari


Italians consider a new supercar Roma “less intimidating” and more accessible to customers, and plans to introduce its first crossover in the near future.

Italian supercar manufacturer hoping that the new entry-level model Roma will help to attract new customers who previously were convinced that can’t afford to purchase a Ferrari.

While companies such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche are expanding their product line, adding crossovers, Ferrari remains a producer of uncompromising and very expensive supercars. Director of marketing Enrico Galliera said that this fact, as it turned out, intimidating many potential customers of the brand. They were addressed to a new model of Roma, which is “less frightening” and should not embarrass those who went for the powerful German cars, but dreamed of buying a real sports car.

The largest group among buyers of new Roma, expected to be the owners of the premium crossovers and sedans, so says Galliera.

“Most of them were afraid to buy a Ferrari, but we intend to lower the bar to a personal example was convinced that our vehicles can drive every day and for this no need to sacrifice anything”.


However, Ferrari still plans to release his first crossover in 2022, the year.

Help affordable luxury car to increase sales Ferrari?

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