The Japanese have created a taxi for sleep

The Japanese have created a taxi for sleep


Daiwa Motor Transportation taxi service and Chill Out drinks brand held an unusual promotion in Tokyo – they offered everyone to sleep a couple of hours in a specially equipped car that does not go anywhere.

The SleepingTaxi ad campaign ran in Tokyo from August 30 to September 4. Five-door Toyota JPN Taxi, created specially for taxi services, were used as recreational vehicles. Such cars are equipped with a hybrid power plant based on a 1.5-liter engine that runs on propane-butane (LPG), consuming an average of 5.2 liters of gas per 100 kilometers. However, taking into account the specifics of SleepingTaxi, the power unit of the cars plays a secondary role, and most importantly, interior modifications.

Getting into a similar taxi car after a hard day’s work, a Tokyo resident could find everything he needed to relax. A portable table with lots of relaxing drinks (as opposed to energy drinks), plants behind closed side window screens, soft ambient lighting, a screen mounted on the front seat, a phone charger and, most importantly, a comfy pillow.

In addition, unobtrusive music played in the cars, and calming videos were played on the screen to help passengers at least for a short time get away from their worries. Sleep masks were offered for those who wanted rest and for the eyes.

How many people used the service, the organizers of the action did not specify. But given that it was free to sleep in the car, the promotion had a high chance of success.

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