The Japanese have developed an unmanned tractor

The Japanese have developed an unmanned tractor


Currently Kubota X Tractor cross is only a conceptual model.

The Japanese firm Kubota, which produces agricultural equipment, demonstrated its own new development. We are talking about the unmanned tractor under the name X-Tractor cross. While this is only a concept car with futuristic appearance.

It should be stressed that the tractor has an autopilot system, and sensors, cameras and satellite navigation. At the same time a rooftop solar panel. Kubota X Tractor cross also is equipped with four crawler tracks with independent electric motor-wheels, and a suspension that can change the clearance.


AI concept tractor can move through the fields and rice plantations. The technique is able to automatically monitor 10 factors, particularly the weather, growth of crops, and more. Kubota X Tractor cross is even able to determine the timing of specific tasks. Who knows, you will get this prototype into the “series”.

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