The Japanese use car sharing for sleep and rest

The Japanese use car sharing for sleep and rest

Japanese carcharhinidae found that a significant number of customers rent cars, but don’t go anywhere. Instead, they sleep, rest, eat or talk on the phone.

Japan’s largest operators of car-sharing Orix Times24 and the result of routine investigations, suddenly found that they have a growing number of customers who regularly rent cars, but don’t go anywhere – not even budge. Managers thought it was weird and they tried to find out from these people, why they actually needed a car sharing.

The survey results were quite unexpected. It turns out that one in eight Japanese used car-sharing not to move, and in a completely different purpose. Most cars are rented to sleep in or just relax. Some used cars as lockers for bags and personal belongings, but most just sat in them with the laptop instead of, say, a café.

However, a fair share of Japanese really dined in carcharhinoid cars. They said that instead of going into the dining room just bought in the nearest grocery store prepared food and ate it sitting in the car. A small percentage of clients used a car-share to talk on the phone sitting in the cabin, and at the same time charge it. The average cost of services of car-sharing in Japan is $ 4 for 30 minutes.

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