The Jeep Grand Cherokee was struck by lightning four times in a row (video)

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was struck by lightning four times in a row (video)


A spectacular video was published on the Web, filmed on a video recorder on one of the tracks of the American state of Kansas during a thunderstorm. In the footage, a black Jeep Grand Cherokee brakes in front of an intersection to make a turn. Suddenly, lightning strikes the SUV in just a couple of seconds four times in a row, completely de-energizing the vehicle.

At the time of the incident, there was a married couple with two children in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, who could not have imagined that their SUV would become the center of gravity of several million-volt discharges. Fortunately, the car body is designed in such a way that in the event of a lightning strike, it is like a Faraday cage, which distributes an electrical discharge, directing it into the ground.

Thanks to this design, the passengers of the SUV remained unharmed and escaped with a slight fright. However, after the second lightning strike, the Jeep Grand Cherokee immediately stopped and its brake lights went out instantly. The tremendous voltage has crippled the car’s electronics, which the SUV owner may need to completely replace.

In mid-May, firefighters in the American state of Florida posted on social networks photographs of an incident that occurred on one of the local highways. The driver and passenger of a Ford F-150 pickup truck were driving along the highway during a hurricane when lightning suddenly struck in front of the car, chipping away a massive piece of asphalt.

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