The Jeep Wrangler is made a class action

The Jeep Wrangler is made a class action

The national administration of safety of traffic of the USA mentions the numerous complaints of severe shaking of the wheels of the Jeep Wrangler. Currently, no formal investigation on this occasion is not carried out.

The owners are currently relevant versions of the American SUV Jeep Wrangler go to court about the so-called “death wobble” which reportedly affects some versions of popular cars. The newspaper “Detroit news” reports that on 12 June the District court of Detroit in the Eastern district of Michigan had filed a class action lawsuit directed against Italian-American of the concern FCA, which includes the company Jeep.

According to this document, the automaker knew about the problem but took no action to fix the problem and did not warn buyers of the SUV at the time of sale of a potential problem.

In a statement to foreign media reports, the representative of the company Jeep said the following: “the Mission of FCA US has not received the lawsuit and currently we are unable to comment on the allegations. However, we note that any vehicle equipped with a rigid axle, can experience a vibration in the steering system”.

According to him, this effect may appear in the following cases: at present modifications of the vehicle, such as poorly installed or maintained after-sales equipment (tuning), such as lifting sets (increase ground clearance) and oversized tires. Damaged or worn components in the steering system. Incorrect tyre pressure.

As we previously reported, the owners of Wrangler SUV identificeret the essence of the problem as the vibration in the steering wheel which can become quite strong. This usually happens at higher speeds, and the only way to combat this is reducing the speed. In the “Detroit news” is more detailed about it “the uncontrollable shaking the car from side to side” can also cause this. Obviously, this is nothing new, although a class action suit specifically aimed at Jeep Wrangler model years 2015-2018.