The Jimny from Suzuki has made fun pickup

The Jimny from Suzuki has made fun pickup


Official dealer of Japanese brand introduced the “baby” Suzuki Jimny in the back of a pickup truck. Modification of the conventional three-door SUV in the truck’s 7 $ 300.

Hardly impossible to feel sympathy for the small Japanese SUV Suzuki Jimny. It is in fact the cutest and most compact SUV that could be called a conqueror of off-road. Given its modest size, the three-door Suzuki Jimny is not physically able to carry a lot of cargo. Probably that is why, the dealer of the Japanese automaker in New Zealand decided to make this funny little baby is pretty cool truck. Moreover, such Assembly of the Suzuki Jimny comes with a warranty, the official warranty.

Of course, the car does not become strong competitors to the famous pick-UPS single cabin, but still, the truck Jimny looks unique in its kind, and Yes, now he can carry more freight than ever before.

Back of the SUV, in fact, was cut off, the wheelbase is a bit extended and was on top of the cargo platform.


The dealer offers only one performance truck Jimny, which is based on picking the Jimny JX. The car boasts led headlights and black alloy wheels. The engine works with a 5-speed manual transmission. In the lounge there is a decent radio with Bluetooth, a touchscreen infotainment system and climate control are no more. Steering wheel no longer comes with leather upholstery.

Under the hood is the same 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine producing 100 horsepower. Mini truck Jimny is just over 23,000 dollars, and the process of transformation of the SUV into the pickup 7 is $ 300.

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