The kebabs disabled V12 Lamborghini Aventador (video)

The kebabs disabled V12 Lamborghini Aventador (video)


In the Chinese province of Hunan, in the city of Changsha, an extraordinary event took place: in the parking lot, a participant in a supercar meeting decided to use the exhaust of a Lamborghini Aventador for something other than its intended purpose, namely, to grill barbecue.

First, the 12-cylinder engine “Aventador” was spun to such an extent that the exhaust pipes began to literally spew flame. Taking advantage of the moment, the Chinese brought up a skewer with a piece of meat and began to fry it, and the owner of the supercar kept turning on the heat.

Apparently, the luxurious Lamborghini Aventador did not tolerate such an attitude towards itself: after some time, thick steam poured out from under the hood and immediately after that all the asphalt turned red. Eyewitnesses say that the coolant expansion tank burst due to overheating. We don’t even undertake to guess how much it will cost now to repair an expensive supercar.

We recently wrote about another case of a fire that arose as a result of a hot engine, or rather, due to the ingress of fuel on it (according to another version, the cause was a short circuit in the electrical wiring). This is a Ferrari F40: it all happened on May 8 at the Japanese Nurburgring (Hakone toll highway). The driver and passenger noticed something was wrong in time and managed to leave the collection car. Soon after, a fire engulfed the entire body and the model burned to the ground.

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