“The king is dead. Long live the king!”: details about the new S-Class

“The king is dead. Long live the king!”: details about the new S-Class


If global cataclysms will not change the plans of Daimler, we see a new generation of the flagship Mercedes-Benz until the end of 2020. And every week of secrets becomes smaller.

It is already known that sedan in the back W223 will get a completely different interior with a giant “portrait” screen and touch screens, even at the door. Dozens of spy shots have allowed our artists to draw the estimated shape of the car. And recently, the S-class caught without camouflage, even for the pictures bad quality.

On test prototypes of masking is also getting smaller. Perhaps, yet it is the best pictures of the new S-class in motion. They are clearly visible to the blackened grille with the large plug of the radar and the eye of the camera; navigation lights located at the upper edges of the headlights; the contours of the bumper with the developed air inlets. It is not excluded, the spies caught on the road W223 sedan in the AMG-package.


For membership pre-production instance to the sports lineup also indicate low slung body and the characteristic two-tone design wheels. And note – it seems that the example of the Velar Range Rover Evoque and mersedesovsky decided to provide the S-class pull-out door handles. And testing near the factory in Sindelfingen caught just right-hand drive version of the flagship Mercedes-Benz.

At the stern of the prototype visible the setting for the trunk lid lights and a pair of exhaust pipes. But it at first glance. If you look closely, it becomes clear pipe is actually four. Probably under the hood of this S-class is not the weak engine. Here only the details about a technical stuffing of a sedan Mercedes-Benz has not yet disclose.

Actually, this is the main mystery for today – what kind of technology the Germans had prepared for W223? But no doubt: the iconic Executive sedan charge advanced electronics for full position.

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