The Koenigssegg Regera is One of the World’s Coolest Cars

The Koenigssegg Regera is One of the World’s Coolest Cars


The Koenigsegg Regera is one of the coolest cars in the world. This hypercar has a ton of cool gadgets and features. Today we take out 2 of these Regeras and a McLaren Speedtail and explore what makes these hypercars so special.You can follow Supercar Blondie on:

we are about to take out three super expensive super exclusive cars watch this all right oh my god this is mad jeff everyone oh my goodness here we go guys this is what it’s like just don’t get an interior like this in any other car look at this cushion effect here with the quilting all right let’s do it it shocks me every time oh my god we’re in the rook era and it basically has one gear so there’s no shifting involved at all so it’s just one linear acceleration it’s kind of like when you drive a tesla you step your foot on the gas and off you go um and obviously this is different because this is not fully electric so you get the still the amazing sound from the engine um it’s completely different feel to any other car it’s incredible i am a massive fan of koenigsegg i think you guys know that my favorite ever car my dream car which i’m going to get one day aren’t i jeff indeed aguero rs and i’m gonna buy it from you guys uh i’m not sure about that but you’re gonna give me one definitely it’s gonna happen look at this look at this guys look at this lineup oh speed tail another regera behind us just insane wait wait hang in two seconds look at this look at this only with these guys together okay ready that’s what it’s all about that’s living isn’t it that is that’s why i love what i do i drive a lot of nice cars but it’s whenever you get into a koenigsegg it’s just the experience is on another level so what’s your favorite now to drive i think still the aguero rs yeah you know it’s a very much a driver’s car yes that’s my favorite as well dream car all right we’re gonna plan a little shoot for you guys now so we’re gonna head out catch up with the others let’s do this i have three keys in my hands oh my god i’m just like could you imagine actually owning one of these babies like even just the key i like frame it this is the koenigsegg regera key which looks like no other key in the world and look it has a ghost button i’m going to show you exactly what that does and then you have the mclaren speed tail key so that’s it there see speed tail and then you have a shiny koenigsegg key this is also regera with the ghost button now first things first i just want to show you these headlights this i am in love with you know how the rolls royce has star lights in the roof this has star lights here in the front which i haven’t seen like this before this is so special i love that and you might notice here that it sparkles like just look down this line you see that the paint here that sparkles this actually is a real diamond dust so the owner of this car dan he’s like listen i want fully exposed carbon fiber which costs about 250 000 more but just throw some diamonds over it like that like he had three scoops of diamonds sprinkled all over the car it’s absolutely insane so this car right here as it is costs up over four million dollars just sticker price and now to to buy it i don’t even know how much i don’t think he would even want to sell it to be fair all right so this is the kernigsegg regera and this one here is called honey now because they are so rare and so exclusive all of the owners name their cars so this one you can go around to you know whoever and go oh yeah you’re the you’re the owner of honey it’s no longer the koenigsegg regular people know this exact spec is honey this car right here has get this 1500 horsepower 1500 horsepower now when you’re looking at fully electric cars of the future they’re talking around 1500 to 2000 horsepower but this is not fully electric this has a combustion engine and that alone puts out around 1100 horsepower then it also has three electric motors and that puts out another 400 ish horsepower so all together it has about 1500 horsepower so the combustion engine is actually a 5 liter twin turbo v8 and you’ve got the hybrid component as well so that’s what we’re working with here we’ll come back to the speed tail because i want to show you how this baby opens up this is one of the most special things about the regera is that you can open everything right here this is the ghost button you ready for this here we go such drama opens up to the engine then wait for it it’s like a little booty pop i love this look at this like isn’t this such a show it’s such drama when you ever see cars that open up like this and look how beautiful it is under here it’s just as beautiful under here as it is on the outside all of this exposed carbon fiber and it’s so beautifully looked after oh my goodness there we go there it is in all its glory i just am smitten with this car so this is another regera it’s the exact same car as that one over there it just has a different spec let’s do this detail now i’ve got to say thanks a massive thanks to dan and jeff and ben uh who’s the owner of this baby right here new owner of this one because it used to belong to uh dan actually so thank you guys so so much for bringing out your incredible cards for our channel today make sure you subscribe to the channel join the supercar blondie family i would love to have you i get access to the most incredible cars around the world so thank you guys so much for watching all right now the speed tail that’s lighter up i love the lights alright so here’s your key ready yes gorgeous and i love the black speck and then right in the middle you see there the one chair in the middle in white so this is a three seater and i love how dan has specked this because you can see so clearly that it’s a three seater with the with the main driver’s seat in the middle all right so we’ll open her up there we go gorgeous gullwing doors kind of spider going you know all right come around here this is it’s such a long car i mean look at this look at the tail hence the name speed tail has a really really long tail i actually think it’s beautiful i love it in real life when i first saw photos of it i was like and then i saw it in real life i was like wow it’s beautiful so this is where it gets really special you see here the one driver’s seat in the middle i love that you’d have to get used to driving it like that that would be a weird experience i have driven the speed tail if you want to go see that video you can go check it out the link to that video is in the description below i loved it i think it’s so cool that you can also sit here as a passenger two passengers on the side of the driver oh it’s so cozy this is so cool what an experience so this right here this is a four liter twin turbo v8 uh so it’s this one’s five liter this one’s four liter this one right here has around 1100 horsepower all right so about 400 horsepower less than the other two right this one is also goes for like he got it for over three million dollars but now to sell it it’d be much more than that so we’re looking at around what 12 million dollars worth of cars right here just these three which is insane all right we’re gonna go for a bit of a drive you ready let’s do this what’s happening uh i’m driving at a four and a half million dollars i don’t yet make as much noise as that getting into a car but it’s coming i still do that that’s what happens in your 30s and then your 40s it gets even louder 50s got no chance no chance let’s do it all right let’s go once it gets over like what 80 kilometers or 80 kilometers an hour then it just takes off it’s just unbelievable oh i love this car so much it is amazing i don’t know these roads so i just need to be able to hang it right down here all right does it need to know the function you’re all right yeah we’re going to need lipstick right here and then up the driveway we’ll need the lift all right so this is what we do guys just come around here i’ll just show you so this is the lift function here so just press that and look at this the limp home mode look at this little turtle here on the screen oh that’s not a good thing this is this is me breaking the car basically so obviously something happened so i did break the car yeah perfect that’s great sorry about that jeff wasn’t me oh my god guys isn’t this just insane well that’s it the magic is over wow wow it’s going on the wish list fenex thank you guys so so much dan jeff and ben for taking us out today on the supergirl on the channel hope you guys enjoyed please like the vid subscribe to the fam and we’ll see you around love ya we’re out you

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