The land under the first Tesla factory in Europe was mined

The land under the first Tesla factory in Europe was mined


At the site near Berlin, where the company Tesla plans to build its first European plant, found 25 unexploded bombs during the Second world war. For General estimates, total weight of ammunition is more than 85 pounds.

In Germany often find the shells of the 75-year-old, who dumped the Soviet, American and British troops. According to ABC, last week it already the second case – recently had to partially evacuate Cologne and Berlin, in order to neutralize detected in the Central parts of cities ammunition.

That Elon Musk is going to build a plant in the German capital, it became known in mid-November 2019. According to the preliminary plan it will be completed by 2021, and the first model to roll off its production line, will be a crossover Model Y.


Just for future plant allocated about 300 hectares of land. Now the builders cut down trees and preparing the ground for construction. The Musk promised to land in the vicinity of the Gigafactory three times more trees than have to be destroyed.

In addition to the American plant, which was the first for the company, Tesla has a foreign company in Shanghai. Now they’re the budget brand model Model 3, but by the summer of this year, the company wants to establish and build the crossover Model Y.

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