“The largest and most powerful” BMW said about the new engine

“The largest and most powerful” BMW said about the new engine


The largest and most powerful boxer unit in the brand’s history – all new engine that is already lit on two concepts and a couple of custom bikes.

Exhibition EICMA was assumed as the site for the debut serial of the Bavarian cruiser, but the manufacturer continues to torment the audience in anticipation. In Milan showed a concept whose appearance, obviously, as close as possible to the exterior of the “muscular” version of the factory bike. The next Chapter in the epic became the engine will quite rightly talk without exaggeration called Big Boxer.


The unit is air / oil-cooled with four valves per cylinder has a capacity of 1802 CC – bore 107,1 mm, stroke 100 mm. The largest boxer engine for any production in the entire history develops 91 HP at 4750 rpm and 158 Nm at 3000 rpm, with more than 150 Nm available in the range of 2000-4000 rpm. the Engine is a monster, the dimensions of which seem not inferior to the width of the small car, develops maximum 5750 rpm Along with the transmission and intake system oppozit weighs 110,8 kg.

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