The largest carbon wheels in the world!

The largest carbon wheels in the world!


Bentley and MUlliner have announced the imminent start of accepting orders for 22-inch rims made of carbon. These wheels will become the largest production wheels of this type in the world. It took five years to develop them. The cost of such carbon rims has not yet been disclosed.

Among the advantages of the new rims, the developers noted a decrease in unsprung masses. So, each wheel is 6 kilograms lighter than the standard one. As a result, the car will have better controllability, braking will also be more effective.

In addition, it is argued that carbon wheels are safer than traditional metal alloy wheels. For example, upon a strong impact on an obstacle, an alloy wheel splits, this leads to an explosive destruction of the tire and a loss of control is not excluded. A carbon wheel in a similar situation provides a slow outflow of air to allow predictable deceleration.

Finally, a disc made of composite materials turns out to be more rigid than a traditional one made of metal alloys: this provides a tighter contact of the tire with the road surface and reduces its wear.

By the way, carbon rims have already been tested as part of the certification program of the German technical inspection TUV: it is claimed that this is the first such case for non-metallic rims in the world. These discs will be available for purchase at the end of this year.

On the eve of the Bentley company announced the construction of the thousandth car as part of the MUlliner personalization program. The jubilee car is the Bentayga crossover, which will soon go to a European customer.

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