The last original Ford GT40 is up for sale

The last original Ford GT40 is up for sale


The 52-year-old Ford GT40 will go under the hammer next month. The uniqueness of the car is that it is the last assembled car of the first generation.

The blue exterior is combined with white accents reminiscent of racing livery. Perfect condition: the car was stored in the garage, and recently it was also carefully restored.

The GT40 was equipped with 4.2-, 4.7- and 7.0-liter V8s, but which engine is installed on this instance is unclear.

The model was assembled from 1962 to 1969, and the total circulation was 105 units. The racing car has won Le Mans four times and, along with Ferrari, is the second car in history to win two or more races with the same chassis.

Seventeen years ago, the automaker created a new GT with a retro design inspired by the original GT40.

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