The latest news about Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M 2020

The latest news about Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M 2020

In the framework of the racing weekend of World Superbike on the American track Laguna Seca hosted the presentation of the updated YZF-R1 and high-end versions YZF-R1M.

Contrary to rumors going about the allegedly completely new motorcycle, yakovtsi limited to the facelift model, which debuted for 2015. Before us is not “all-new” that is not entirely new and modernized “liters”, adjusted the appearance of which now resembles a younger YZF-R6 and Grand-priny prototype YZR-M1. Frame and engine, mostly the same, although there are a number of upgrades. All in good time.

Row “four” with a volume of 998 CC with a cross (or “crossplane”) crankshaft is tightened under exonormative “Euro-5”. That was, apparently, not just because the Japanese engineers needed to provide an exhaust system as many as four catalysts! Therefore, in order not to lose while tightening environmental “choke” any of 200 “horses”, the engine got a modified cylinder head, camshafts with modified Cam profile and a new fuel injection system.

The base YZF-R1 changed the suspension settings Kayaba (43 mm “Changeling” with a stroke of 120 mm and a monoshock), and YZF-R1M, as before, is equipped with an adaptive suspension Ohlins ERS, but the “gas” plug now model NPX, and monoshock – with revised damping characteristics.

And, of course, “Erk” saved the entire mass of electronic features, including traction control TCS, anti wheelie LIF, launch control LCS, control slides SCS, system engine braking EBM (three levels – high, medium and low) and multiple driving modes to choose from. As part of the modernization appeared the throttle with “control by wire” APSG. In addition, the rider will be able to individually adjust each of the seven driving assistants. Including, by the way, and anti-lock brakes, now with the two presets: BC1 – standard mode ABS, BC2 – “the corner”, where the degree of interference depends on the angle of inclination of the motorcycle and the rotation speed of the wheels.

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