The latest three-wheeled Morgan

The latest three-wheeled Morgan


In December 2019, 73-year-old entrepreneur and philanthropist Alan Braithwaite and his wife Pat embarked on a 33-day charitable journey across India over 5,600 miles. It was the longest and most challenging Morgan 3 Wheeler ride we’ve ever heard of, but now it’s time for the adorable little sports car to make its final journey.

The British manufacturer has just assembled the last 3 Wheeler from their workshops on Pickersley Road, the historic home of the Morgan Motor Company for over 100 years. The last car made is from the 33 P101 special edition, and while it’s sad to see one of the most brilliant production cars out of production, we have good news for its future.

In the video description, Morgan says it’s too early to say goodbye to the 3-wheeler as it will eventually “return.” This is a rather vague statement, although it basically confirms that the open-top three-wheeled car will make a comeback in one form or another. At the moment we do not know what and when we will see, but we are optimistic about the future of the model.

One thing we know for sure: the company doesn’t talk about EV3. The electric version was introduced into production in 2016, but it took the company several more years to complete the project before it was ready to ship to customers. Last March, the automaker decided to end EV3 production, although it promised it remains committed to electrification.

The automaker’s new CX aluminum architecture is EV-friendly, which will hopefully mean we’ll see a new battery-powered car from Morgan soon.

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