The launch of the Tesla plant in Berlin postponed…

The launch of the Tesla plant in Berlin postponed…


The planned launch of the Tesla plant in the vicinity of Berlin, scheduled for July this year, will not take place, according to the German newspaper Automobilwoche. The start of production has been postponed to the end of January 2022, and the employees of the German factory have already been notified of this. No official confirmation of this information has yet been received.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the company has not yet received the final permission from the local authorities for the construction of the plant. More precisely, Tesla has consistently received permits for the start of construction and its continuation, but the final document with the approval of the entire project by bureaucrats has not yet been approved.

At the same time, the car assembly shop and the painting line are almost ready and nothing, except for the aforementioned agreement, prevents the start of the assembly of cars at the originally scheduled date: in July this year. Recall that in Berlin, among other things, Tesla Model Y crossovers will be assembled, which are still not represented on the European market.

Simultaneously with the automotive production, a workshop for the manufacture of batteries 4680 and the assembly of batteries from them is being built in Berlin. These batteries were unveiled last September as prototypes, and Tesla’s engineers still haven’t figured out a way to make them industrially. Earlier, Elon Musk said that the production of batteries of the 4680 standard will not begin earlier than 2022. Thus, it is possible that the battery workshop will be completed approximately before the launch of the entire Berlin plant.

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