The Lexus RC. Compact Gran Turismo?

The Lexus RC. Compact Gran Turismo?


Our test car – and today, this coupe Lexus RC300 – heat of the moment can be attributed to features not peculiar to him. And at the same time, quite the contrary: this Japanese coupe hides a lot of obvious advantages.

Those of you, who knows what lurks behind the modern label “300”, can wave your hand and say something like: “Yes, as a car with a design like this to ride, if under the hood all 2.0-liter engine?” And the truth is, turbocharged “Quartet” gives “only” 245 HP and 350 Nm. But our host Yaroslav it is iron argument: Lexus RC300 was created not for the daily passage of the turns sideways. Although from time to time and allows the driver to fool around a bit.

And what, then? To know the answer, see our detailed review. Yes, we will tell what you can squeeze out of this motor (and rear drive) and automatic transmission in eight steps will make you a little safer for the environment. But we also pay your attention to those details that will surround you in daily use of this Lexus (or on a long journey, which compartment is more than suitable). Will tell you about the “classical” approach in the design of the front panel, comfortable chairs, uncomfortable seat belts and the trunk is a crown of Japanese engineering.

We show what features has the multimedia system Lexus how to operate systems of active safety (and for that they need to be thankful), we estimate the Mark Levinson audio system (with 17 speakers, several of which fundamentally hide from the driver).

And, of course, compare with your competitors and indicate what this Lexus certainly worthy of your approval. Pleasant viewing!

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