The long-awaited new feature: the showroom “Audi VIPOS Kiev” is already available Audi E-tron

The long-awaited new feature: the showroom “Audi VIPOS Kiev” is already available Audi E-tron


Fans of the famous German brand has the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of a beloved car in its electric version. Audi E-tron is a full – fledged crossover, which you don’t need to put gas in it.


The first fully electric crossover Audi offers the dealership “Audi VIPOS Kiev”, equipped with two powerful electric motors that distribute torque to the four wheels. Thanks to the power dynamics of the Audi E-tron can be compared to a sports car driver during acceleration really presses into the seat.

Proprietary system of a full drive quattro is activated when it is needed: on the roads, snow-covered, slippery road. The system will determine when you need to help with traction and activates the front wheels, for example, in the drift. New electro-SUV is able to deliver driving pleasure on any road.

Audi Etron has excellent stability. He “holds” the road not worse sedans business class. This was achieved thanks to the low center of gravity. Quite a heavy vehicle battery is located under the cabin floor in the center space. The axle load of the vehicle is distributed in the ratio 50:50.

Distance not a problem

One of the key “chips” Audi E-tron system recovery or energy recovery, for many seasons tested on Formula 1 cars. The main part of energy (about 90%), which highlights the car when braking, is to replenish the battery charge.

Recovery has greatly increased the mileage on a single charge. Recovery can be controlled manually using paddles located under the steering wheel. Automation, implemented in the “smart” braking to collect energy even in a transport stream, when the Audi E-Tron will slow down ahead going car.


Thanks to an innovative system of thermoregulation, which maintains the temperature of the battery at the level of 25-35 degrees Celsius, no need to worry that the charge will evaporate in the cold or after a prolonged overtaking on the highway.

The resistance of the battery also contributes to the special chemical composition of modules of batteries, which are not afraid of low temperatures and is chemically less active than the standard “round batteries”.

To charge the Audi E-tron can be on any elektroservice of a network, which is now being built in Ukraine. In order to continue the trip, you will need to wait more than an hour. During this time, you can drink coffee, eat, make some calls and get some rest from the road.


Deserves special attention system of the Audi virtual cockpit – the virtual dashboard, the main difference of which is highly informative. She will tell you about the remaining battery reserve, distance, warning of need to recharge and others a Lot of options of the driver can customize yourself.

The interior of the car 100% corresponds to the upper price segment, which includes Audi E-tron. About premium here says it all: panoramic glass roof, bright interior, advanced air-conditioning system (dual zone climate control already in the basic version), the system of preparation and control air quality Air Quality package.

New SUV just begging to travel. It has everything for a comfortable long-distance travel. A spacious five-seat cabin convertible, spacious trunk. A small 60-liter Luggage compartment is needed in the way of detail is provided, even under the hood.

The value is in the details

Model name E-tron speaks for itself. The brand’s designers implemented the concept of offspring of the “electric civilization”. This is evident in the lighting elements, the lines of the body, the stitching pattern on the seats, instrument panel. One of the most striking exterior decisions – the virtual rear view mirrors (option).

The car is equipped with a top navigation system, MMI Navigation plus with LTE Advanced and WLAN Hotspot for passengers. It not just guides the driver along the route, but will determine the most convenient based on previous trips.

The abundance of systems-assistants will make the trip to the new crossover a real treat. The car is able to assess the situation on the road and slow down in case of possible danger.

Details to examine a car in the showroom Audi center VIPOS in Kiev.

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