The long-awaited update: sportbike Honda CBR250RR

The long-awaited update: sportbike Honda CBR250RR


Honda has finally unveiled the sporty Honda CBR250RR in the Japanese market. To compete with the new Kawasaki ZX-25R, Honda engineers have found a solution to improve the performance of the 250-CC CBR.

After the first show sportbike Kawasaki ZX-25R with a four-cylinder engine immediately crept talking about upgrading a Honda CBR250RR. The model is initially released in 2016. The idea was to provide customers in Asia access malacopteron sportbike with sufficient performance, as in many Asian countries there are restrictions on the cubic. In these countries the 250-CC sportbike is the top-level.


In February 2020 appeared the first rumors about the increasing power of radnica twin-cylinder CBR250RR up to 41 HP and also adding quickshifter and slip the clutch. At the end something like this happened. Suspension and body kit has not changed, but the engine has undergone serious changes. Honda engineers redesigned the pistons, piston rings, connecting rods. Changed the intake system and ignition timings. The previous version Honda CBR250RR produced 38 HP of power. Additional 3 HP managed to squeeze out just due to modifications of the motor.

For Honda CBR250RR 2021 also installed the slipper clutch and quickshifter. For normal road riding this is not a fundamental update, but for fans of track days are a significant improvement.

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