The market at the “bottom”? What to expect from April?

The market at the “bottom”? What to expect from April?


If the car market of Ukraine in March, has demonstrated a sales lift associated more with fluctuations in the exchange rate, in the first week of April was a dead calm. Despite the fact that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed the manufacturing of new cars.

The first week of April, according to the service “Prompt market”, which AUTO-Consulting implements the basic operators of the market have brought a decline in sales -64% (week of April to the week of March). While some brands were a downturn in 80-86%. And this is with open car dealers. Potential accumulated earlier (in March) the customers are already exhausted and the market is close to the “bottom”. Numbers of sales per week across the network, some operators were the lowest for all time of observations.


The situation with the cars for business (LCV) even more dramatic. If in March, even during the quarantine, they are still held in the first week of April – 73%.

As you can see, dubbed the transition to “online” did not allow the dealers to earn customers for auto sales. But even the physical opening of showrooms from April 6 also contributed to the surge in sales.

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