The market of electric cars expect a shortage of materials for rechargeable batteries


Due to the growth of production of electric cars in the next few years there is likelihood of shortage of metals used in the manufacture of batteries.

This writes the CTS with reference to ecoautoinfo.

According to consulting and research firm Wood Mackenzie, the greatest risk exists for the supply of lithium, cobalt and Nickel. According to analysts, the boom of the use of electric cars will happen over the next 30 years. This will be a deficiency in the production of metals.


Currently, supplies of lithium, cobalt and Nickel is enough to satisfy the request, said the head of research at Wood Mackenzie Gavin Montgomery. But short-term cost of these metals has decreased, and it will be a deterrent for companies to increase sentences to meet future demand, he said.

According to him, in the near future due to the increase of production of electric vehicles, the demand for metals, according to assumptions, will increase so quickly that suppliers will not be able to keep up with him. As the world reserves of lithium, cobalt and Nickel are exhausted, they may simply not be enough to meet future demand automakers.

Last year, global sales of electric cars increased by 64% compared with the 2017 year. Under the assumptions Wood Mackenzie, sales of electric cars will grow.

Earlier there was information that Ukraine has all possibilities to establish production of electric cars after the legislative changes. The Association “Ukrautoprom” believes that the first stage speech can go about encouraging SKD electric vehicle for foreign markets.


Ukraine can join the big family of automakers, offering at the legislative level, the best conditions to accommodate such production. Thus speech can go as about the creation of conditions for arrival of foreign producers, who would be following the example of Slovakia was built in Ukraine’s own factories, and about the possibility of engaging in the process of national producers, which could in its own facilities under the scheme “contract manufacturing” made to order brands their electric vehicles.

Do you think what is the fate of electric vehicles in the coming decades?

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