The market of electric scooters grew by 48%

The market of electric scooters grew by 48%


The market of electric scooters and motorcycles electric in Europe in the last year increased by 47.9%. These data are presented in the marketing report of experts at the two-wheeled industry from the Roman to the company MotorCyclesData.

According to their findings, growth slowed compared to the previous reporting period (when it was +100%), but nevertheless remains substantial.

In the last reporting period (January-August 2019) record has increased the number represented on the European market of manufacturers of electric two – wheeled vehicles- they became 265. While on the podium, that is in the top three leaders, there is only one actual European brand.

As of the August 2019 in the EU-28 this year, has sold 41 217 electric motorcycles and scooters. For comparison, in 2012 – a total of 9 614. Then the market leader was the Oxygen brand, and all brands were represented 185.


Now the leader of the brand Niu. Niu is a venture company, which makes smart scooters. In its creation participated the team of professionals from BMW, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Huawei, McKinsey, KKR and Bain Capital. The money collected through crowdfunding. And very successfully. For example, in the first collection in 2015 campaign on scooter N-series collected 11 million dollars in just 15 days.

Niu now sells scooters electric three series – M, N, and U. In each series has several models. If you look at specific countries, the largest market for electric two-wheelers this year was Germany.

Top 6 countries by popularity (and therefore sales) of electric scooters in Europe now looks like this: first, as already mentioned, Germany, the second – France, the third – by Spain, the fourth – the Netherlands, the fifth – and sixth in Belgium.

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