The market will be more cars in the style of Ford Mustang

The market will be more cars in the style of Ford Mustang


Ford got a taste of the opportunities offered by the use of the legendary name.

Premier electric crossover Mach-E in the style of a Ford Mustang was the main news in the automotive world these days. On the wave of interest, the automaker announced that it plans further expansion types of the body under the legendary name.

Indeed: would the new model as much attention if it had not been associated with the automotive icon of America? Hardly, it just would have been another electric crossover, which recently divorced a lot, including with the same level of capabilities.


It is unclear whether it is solely electric “pony” or model in the style of “Mustang” with traditional engines. Earlier rumors say that Ford has planned a four-door sedan or liftback, which could compete with the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7 Sportback. After the premiere of Mach-E the most improbable assumptions seem plausible. Apparently, Ford will try to make the most of the legendary brand.

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