The Maserati Boomerang is a masterpiece or a sick fantasy?


It’s hard to believe, but the car depicted in these photos, for 43 years. This Maserati Boomerang can rightly be called a masterpiece of industrial design in the 1970s. the Author of this project – the notorious Giorgetto Giugiaro.

The project of this car was presented at auto show in Turin in 1972, and in 1793 in Geneva, the audience saw the running sample. The presentation took place on the Ital Design stand.

The car was created on the chassis of the production car Maserati Bora. It was from him the novelty has received a 5-speed transmission and 8-cylinder V-shaped engine capacity of 4.7 liters and 310 horsepower, This sports car futuristic design can develop speed to 300 km / h.

The dimensions of this wedge-shaped and impressive in appearance of the body and today are striking. The height of the Boomerang just 1070 mm, and the windshield is tilted at 13 degrees. Experts believe that the last parameter is on the brink of adequate visibility.

A striking addition of this gorgeous car is the glass roof and transparent doors, and the disks can be considered a real work of art.


The interior of this car impresses no less than its exterior. Interior design in minimalist style. All devices are under immense size of the fixed steering wheel hub, around which revolves “bagel”. For the driver and passenger provided bucket chairs, which are reclining. And landing in them, as in racing cars.

The Maserati Boomerang was made in a single copy. And in 1974 at the exhibition in Barcelona, this concept has acquired the buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous. After that, the car appeared in sight only in 1990 in France at the Bagatelle Concours competition. It is known that car a few times passed from hand to hand, appeared at various grade exhibitions and everywhere gathered awards and prizes.

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