The McLaren 600LT | Chris Harris Drives

The McLaren 600LT | Chris Harris Drives


Brave pills at the ready as Chris Harris drives 570S’s harder, sharper, faster cousin at the world’s least forgiving circuit… in the wet. Ladies and gents, this is the McLaren 600LT. Chris Harris Drives: McLaren: Car Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

now I know the McLaren range of streetcars is quite confusing they have special series support series and asparagus series and Lord knows what else what you need to know is the baby car – the 570 on which the 600 LC that I’m in now is based it’s quite different to the others in that it has a conventional suspension system it has struts springs dampers nothing cross-linked or hydraulic or clever it’s an analogue quite simple car compared to the others and you know what that does give it certain advantages because it feels more conventional I’ve just got in this car and immediately I have a sense of connection in it that I don’t have in the bigger cars I love the 720 but it’s a bit aloof it’s a bit like having a meal with a really clever mate and having spent ten minutes sort of working out where it’s brains at before you can have a conversation in the 600 LT you just get in and have a natter so what have we got we’ve got about thirty more horsepower than a standard car a stiffer pokey a chassis Sumerian modifications and some exhausts that exit a bit higher on the old ass it’s not fundamentally different it’s just a sort of reworking of the core 570 bits first things first driving position is just spot on the seat itself well I’m sure you play with the padding a bit these are Senate s very sparsely padded carbon buckets and I’ve got too much right behind my shoulder blades which is maybe down to me I don’t know seats are quite a personal thing aren’t they this one not perfect driving position amazing I love the way you can get the wheel right back onto your chest I’m low and in typical my parents Tyler but it’s lovely low scuttle which means I can see right down almost look I can see onto the tops of the front wheels it’s not intimidating engine well where are we at with the engine B’s McLaren turbocharged v8 I think they get to a have been quite laggy people don’t seem to criticize them but this is a really quite laggy engine if you jump out of a portal or Ferrari turbocharged engine from 2018 they’re more immediate this thing builds and builds that has some excitement but certainly mid corner it makes it much more difficult to use the motor to adjust the line breaks superb absolutely superb but there’s something about this car that is I think really special it’s a fun fun device it wants to move around of it ultimate grip it’s pretty high but it’s not crazy crazy grippy and when it does move into a bit of a slide the progression is helpful it’s quite slow and easy it’s much more friendly than the expense of a mid-engine car the steering is bang-on McCowan has a big advantage of a Ferrari in the steering department now this thing is wriggling around in my hands fantastic like having an electric eel on speed working between my fricatives that I just say that and again depriving I complain but if I could define this car through one area of his performance it would final moment I’m turning into a lower meeting to be bent here we are now I turn the wheel and just slow release the brake the front of the car scoots round the understeer is gone you want this lovely loads us like independent feel across all four wheels remember no locking differential that’s where it really helps and the car just turns it feels agile I drove a centre recently it wouldn’t do that I think this is a more playful car than the centre and then for me on a circuit playfulness is everything I’m not here chasing lap times I take it over the big one I just think it’s really really fun to drive I mean it’s just beginning to be the rain here which does he fit with the exterior shots I know so you have to trust me it is magnificent fun this thing what do you think of the way it looks I think it’s been fussy on the outside I don’t mind the tailpipes neither okay but the add-ons are a bit Adani aren’t they I’m not sure about this whole LT naming strategy longtail meant something with the original f1 because it was miles longer but the 600 LT is wait for it 7.4 centimeters longer than a 5 70s call it nearly a Snickers bar immodest is the kindest way to describe it the extra 30 horsepower comes from a new cam and a remap everything in the chassis is new and lighter there are some 720 bits the springs and dampers are firmer than the standard car and the track is a little bit wider overall the car is 96 kilograms lighter it’s a less comprehensive makeover than the 675 LT but then the car on which is based is miles better now on this baby track McLaren reminds us that Woking is in a different world to all other sports car makers in terms of raw acceleration naught to 60 to 2.9 seconds 0 to 124 in eight point two seconds and 204 miles an hour flat out okay it’s not as fast as the gt2 RS but I really care it’s still fast enough that if you stick a mate in the passenger seat they’ll probably need you under crackers afterwards and that’s the measurement by which we should all judge these cars it’s perfectly fast enough 600 horsepower dampers in full hard you’re on your own there’s not much leeway here shriek Nana throttle like a bloody hornet’s nest it’s the boost when the boost arrives the thing just doesn’t want to hang on really are you gonna be careful through there when you get the understeer on don’t try and trace it and get the armful of oversteer because then you’re too far gone the wheels in the wrong direction live around here haha you can always tell when you’re thinking because you’re not talking so much I feel really connected to the car though even though the conditions are terrible I feel like I’m connected to the car that gives me confidence oh god that’s terrible that’s horrible yeah okay the really low breed happens with other different the way no things were the rest of it car just feels actually very good very very good yeah they’ve nailed it with this strange isn’t it I’m more interested in this than I understood but do for a million pound eight and it was bad things I think this is the sweet spot for McLaren track cars you

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