The McLaren with Military Grade Superfabric!

The McLaren with Military Grade Superfabric!


This is the McLaren GT. It’s McLaren’s version of a Grand Tourer so it’s got way more luggage space than usual. It can fit two full golf bags plus more luggage. It’s got extra bells and whistles in the comfort department too for those weekend trips away. There’s just one major concern i have. Check out the vid guys, hope you enjoy. Alex xoThanks to McLaren #mclaren #mclarenGT

you can change the color what up what up supercar blondie here now this may look like any other mclaren but it’s not i’m picking up sergi to show you guys exactly what this car can do okay now usually if anyone came out with this much luggage and you had to pick them up in a mclaren this is where you say to them good luck i’m leaving you on your own get a taxi but this is the mclaren gt the most luxurious mclaren on the market and one good thing is it’s just all of this yeah should we give it all right so you’ve got two golf bags guys two two golf bags that you can actually fit in this mclaren okay they’re skeptical but uh right look here’s the boot you just open it with this on the key here we go and look it automatically opens i like that a lot and you’ve got this whole space here and look how flat this is you would never think that this would fit golf clubs are but guys going golfing or what um golf trip are we going yeah i mean yeah yeah let’s go golfing off this is actually a mclaren golf bag and you can tuck this in nicely with these straps so it doesn’t move around which is really nice so this fits definitely but who goes golfing with just themselves i want a friend you always go with mates right so let’s see if these babies fit this is not a mclaren golf bag as you can see this is much bigger so also down this way yeah all the way down oh my god that actually might fit oh my god wow white oh nice oh what wow that’s crazy hang on is it going to close though wait let’s see you got a little button here guys which i really like that closes automatically and will it will it yes wow that’s crazy that is really good so we’ve still got two more bags to fit in yeah this is full yep is that the golf balls or what this is uh these are shoes these are my gloves and my uh accessories this is just all uh sergey shoes yeah um okay so there is actually a second luggage compartment around the front and this is really the only luggage compartment you usually get with a mclaren look at that nice so here’s your this is like a standard size carry-on so see i would have liked it if you could fit two of these carry-ons like this but you can’t look i’m complaining about small things but i think you can’t fit in two carry-on bags unless you put in one here and one in the back okay which is okay i suppose look i’m complaining because guys this is meant to be a grand tour it is the mclaren gt now when you think of other gt’s it’s all about comfort and luxury and to be able to go away for weekend trips to the country this one is actually called amaranth red this color and this is an optional extra it’s a special color it’ll cost you about five and a half thousand dollars more and then you’ve got a sports exhaust on this one that’s also about five and a half thousand dollars more what we’re dealing with is an engine right here and it’s actually a four liter twin turbo v8 and it pumps out 612 horsepower that’s quite a lot like i’m just thinking hurricane levels my old hurricane 2015 hurricane had around the same horsepower 610. zero to 100 3.2 seconds same as my old hurricane if the engine is here yeah and it’s as powerful as it is yeah how does it not burn through the luggage yeah so okay so look they’ve got a lot of these cooling elements here so that’s going to feed a lot of air straight into the engine right and that’s kind of a normal feature to have on most supercars right as these kind of air vents that go straight into the engine but also it’ll still be piping hard though yeah if you open this up again this material right here is a special textile you guys and this is actually a heat repellent and the other thing is that you’ve got bigger rims so this is 21 inch here in the back and this is 20 inch and these are bigger than like my 720s for example now the interesting thing around the front here guys is look how high this already is and that’s just the standard that’s more than a hand and the reason why they’ve made it higher up is because of the comfort level again you don’t have to worry as much about going over speed bumps oh so it stays this way it’s not like it’s raised well you can raise it even more click that here and the door pops open and what i’ve noticed immediately as this door is super light yeah right it’s very late yeah so this is a gt let me show you the features that i think makes this kind of veer toward that gt territory right first it’s got more comfortable seats so you’ve got this luxurious kind of leather here you’ve got like luxuries leather everywhere all right it’s all over the car and they’ve also put in heated seats and you don’t get that on a 720s second thing you’ve got more storage in here you’ve actually got a glove box and then if you look there sergi open up that little compartment right there yeah oh look see you can actually pop in your water bottle see if that’ll fit there’s no way this will do anything it’s in it’s in the third thing is the ambient lighting into ambience you can change the color lights that’s cool so we go red we go white i’m gonna steal this because the fourth thing is more sturdy cup holders you see that this is really sturdy in a 720s you kind of just get these little ones here but this is going to hold something and keep it there for a long drive nice this concerns me guys what’s happening here in the back you’ve got two heavy golf club kits yeah and if you slam on the brakes or if you drive this in any way you should because it’s still a super car you slam on the brakes that thing’s going to come flying forward yeah that’s dangerous i’m genuinely concerned about that and i’m very surprised that they have not come up with some kind of solution where there would be netting here so you could actually pull across a net and keep that area away from you know your face the other thing is if you have exposed golf clubs not everyone has the the case over the top of their golf clubs if you have them exposed it doesn’t matter if they’re strapped in or not a golf club can come like flying out of the case and straight into the front windscreen all right let’s hear what it sounds like all right i have to mention these doors again super light i’ve mentioned what i think makes it kind of a gt these are the things that i think make it a supercar it has the butterfly doors in which gt do you get doors that go up you just don’t the second thing is you actually have a launch control in what gt do you have a launch button right and thirdly it is a mid engined sports car so your engine is in the back unlike other gts you’re sitting in here now nick what do you think of the seat is it comfier than usual uh yeah i think it’s wider it’s wider right yeah it just it hugs you a bit less yeah now what i like also about this car is it has the sun visor and then it also has a mirror this is what i complain about so often that supercars don’t have mirrors i mean it’s fast it’s exactly how i would expect it to feel i’m just going to lower the wheel here and what i like also it’s electronic you just pull that down in my 720s it’s manual you have to like really pull a lever and adjust it around and then pull it back up that makes it just that little bit more gt like it’s having all of those little electronic uh bits and pieces around the car all right first speed bump let’s see oh yeah way less you don’t have to slow down to one kilometer an hour you can kind of tackle it at five kilometers an hour you can feel that it’s a rear-wheel drive but i’m really enjoying this ride normally you really have to like be in the mood to drive a mclaren because you’re going to feel every lump and bump but in this one you don’t it actually is really comfy what do you guys reckon is it a yes or no for me it’s a yes honestly um i wouldn’t call it a like a gt gt but for a mclaren standard gt yeah sure why not so a massive thank you to mclaren for giving me the opportunity to test drive this baby actually really enjoyed it i hope you guys enjoyed the vid learnt something about the mclaren gt give us a quick thumbs up subscribe to the supercar blondie family love you guys i think i’m out bye you

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