The Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63 | Chris Harris Drives

The Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63 | Chris Harris Drives


The G-Wagen isn’t a car, it’s a German institution. But how does Merc’s military hero fare having had a complete overhaul and the introduction of 577bhp? Time for Chris to find out. Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Series 27: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

yes it’s been around a while but we had to do something on the new G Wagon because somehow Mercedes has updated a car locked in 1979 and created the most desirable SUV of them all this is the g63 a 585 horsepower lump that costs well over a hundred and twenty grand it offers less space than a c-class estate but just try not letting this thing get under your skin it really is impossible the reason it now handles is some big changes to the chassis there are now double wishbones up front the rear axle is also more sophisticated and the steering rack is no longer taken from a tractor inside you really do get all the trillions of an S Class a massive set of screens and enough configurability if that’s even a word to keep you and the kids amused for hours what I love about this car is that underneath all the noise and ostentation looks a really talented machine anyone can make something loud and ridiculous but the new G 63 is actually usable too if you could afford the fuel bills okay before we talk about what this thing’s like to drive on the track could we acknowledge that we’re even on a track because this thing shouldn’t be here I know it’s a bit in Congress not being deliberately naughty because it looks so funny on the track but the last g-wagen would not be able to do this I wouldn’t be able to talk and drive like this because I’d be off in the scenery with Neill sitting next to me trying to find my teeth or be trying to find his teeth his teeth or a bit odd actually maybe you mean looked at them anyhow what’s this thing like on a track autonomously a complete joke but it stops and it turns in and it goes round corners the old one couldn’t do that it really couldn’t this is surprisingly good on a drying track I wouldn’t want to get the stopwatch out but it’s pretty damn good you know the ESP is very very cautious so it cuts the thing and means you and get all the talk to you and once you get it up and running and there’s a cut then it goes and then what you do is you just fling it at the apex for there’s much steering lock as you dare and then just manage the understated outside of the circuit there is no ogres do it developed quite clearly to never oversteer so the outside front tire is the one that gives up the ghost the first by quite some margin but you know what you really can get it round this lap quite quickly it Landau it must look ridiculous from the outside it hops over the curbs the engine is magnificent the gearbox is pretty good I’m just rolling on it well over a hundred up the main straightaway they’ve done a number on this so there we go that was mainly in the excuse for me to come to land out and throw a g-wagen around what you really need to know is how good this car is Road on the road this car is a little short of a revelation compared to the previous car I must stop talking about the previous car but I suppose it’s the only context I have the g-wagen sort of stands alone you don’t buy a G wagon or a Range Rover or of q7 s q7 whatever you call them you just want a G wagon all you don’t really do you could you’ve been taught a bit like a defender that owning it g wagon means you put up with its foibles with all these things that are obviously wrong about it for the upside which is the joy of the way it looks and what it stands for and the fact that you pretend you’re a Russian gangster that’s why people buy them isn’t it so they can roam around pretending they’ve got a gun on them when most people in northern Europe I’ve just got a copy of the newspaper on them so that’s why you want one of these but now you don’t have any of the shortcomings the only shortcoming you have now is that it costs a lot of money to buy hundred fifty grand with some toys on it but and I really do feel totally ashamed to admit this it’s worth it there is nothing else like this car there really isn’t it’s so good on a road now the fairly rudimentary suspension systems been up rated so we now have a you know pretty much a unitary body but it rides in such a lovely manner it still feels a bit live actually which some people really quite like because you get that sense of connection and you really feel the axles working but every single sharp edge now has a lovely roundness to it so it sort of hits things gives you a bit of a wobble and then it just smooths them all out it’s it’s really really pleasant to be and you sit high the throttle response is really good you just wobble along and when you want to go quick it’s good you know it rolls a bit but it grips the steering’s not to slow if you went and drove a last generation B&W x5 this isn’t that far off that in handling terms it really isn’t and that is remarkable you’ve got a vertical windscreen which should mean that you get loads of wind noise but the wind noise is quite well contained the driving position is superb the seat is superb the quality of the cabin out of the top drawer and the whole thing is charming it just reeks of charm I like being in this thing it makes me smile the fact that I’m sitting inside a very very expensive box on wheels makes me feel good some people respond well to it other people think you’re the aforementioned Russian gangster which doesn’t always help with local relations let’s say but I like the way that it flows down the road like the way that it rides I like the way that you could drive it moderately quickly in other words the g63 is usable everyday as a normal fast car that could not be said before you

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