The modern Nissan GT-R will be “soft”

The modern Nissan GT-R will be “soft”


The current Nissan GT-R (R35), which appeared in 2007, will be significantly redesigned again in 2022, assures the Japanese edition of Best Car Web. Perhaps this coupe will be dubbed the R36 (that is, the second generation of “gi-ti-ara”), although in essence it will be the same model. Only with a modified look and a mild hybrid system (Mild Hybrid). Earlier, company representatives said they did not intend to turn the GT-R into a full-fledged hybrid. However, the simplest form of hybridization (integrated starter-generator, small traction battery, 48-volt on-board network) is pretty obvious.

Now the GT-R in Japan costs from 10,828,400 to 24,200,000 yen ($ 99,300-221,900 dollars). The V6 3.8 VR38DETT twin turbo engine in the basic version develops 570 hp. (637 Nm), and in the Nismo version – 600 hp. (652 Nm).

It’s not just about fuel consumption. Japan will soon tighten its noise regulations as well. By adding an ISG starter generator, engineers can reduce the load on the internal combustion engine during acceleration, which will have a beneficial effect on all parameters.

The ISG output is estimated at 20 kW (27 hp) and 250 Nm, these “horses” and “Newtons” will be added to the efforts of the usual V6 3.8 turbo engine. The Japanese write that such a modernized version of the car will remain on sale for a couple of years, that is, it will be removed from the catalog in 2024, at least in the Japanese market. A somewhat strange statement, given that the R37, designed entirely from scratch, will hardly appear before 2027.

This is how Best Car Web predicts the appearance of a redrawn G-ti-ara. A number of glazing elements hint that the body is based on a well-known model, which has changed fenders, bumpers, doors and optics.

And here – the forecast of the appearance of the farewell limited model R35 GT-R Final Edition.

By the end of 2022, the R35 GT-R Final Edition will also hit the market, without any hybrid additive, but with an engine like the GT-R 50 coupe (modified VR38DETT with 720 hp and 780 Nm ). The circulation of the “final version” of R35 will be 20 pieces or even less, and the price will be around 40 million yen ($ 366,700). That’s almost double that of the production GT-R Nismo. However, this price is much more humane than what the developers asked for a limited GT-R 50 with a body from Italdesign (990,000 euros).

Are you in favor of introducing Mild Hybrid technology on the GT-R?

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