The mortality rate in road accidents has grown! Does not save even a quarantine…

The mortality rate in road accidents has grown! Does not save even a quarantine…


The main cause of accidents is failure by drivers of traffic regulations. Many motorists simply do not think about the consequences and don’t see anything wrong with that go into the oncoming lane, forget about the turn signals and make abrupt maneuvers. However, such violations lead to injuries and deaths on the roads, according to the Auto Informant with reference to the press service of the patrol police.


So, for the first quarter of 2020 in Ukraine was 36 182 road accidents by 2.76% more than in the same period last year. The injuries are increased by 20.8% (6690 people), and mortality – 23,84% (748 people).

The highest level of accidents in Kiev, where since the beginning of the year, there were 9241 accident by 1.59% less than in the first quarter of 2019. The number of injured has increased by 4.17% (549 people), but mortality has decreased by 9.38% (29 people).

The second highest number of accidents is the Odessa region, where for the first quarter of the current year occurred 3327 accidents, which is 4.1% more than last year. Despite the growth rate, the mortality rate decreased by 25.93% (40 people), and injury by 4.19% (457 people).

The third in the rating of Kyiv region with a score of 2744 accident, which is 3.2% higher than last year. The number of injured increased by 37.13% (506 people) and the dead – by 13.85% (74 people).


Fewer accidents recorded in the Luhansk region – 193 of the incident. Despite this low level of accidents, their number in the first quarter increased by 21.38%. The injuries are increased by 28.26% (59 people), but the number of deaths increased a whopping 80% (9 people).

The record in reducing deaths and injuries on the roads became the Poltava region. From the beginning, the number of deaths decreased by of 60.61% (13).

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