The Most Affordable Supercar | Apex AP-0

The Most Affordable Supercar | Apex AP-0


Check out this exclusive footage of the new AP-0 being driven in Hong Kong. For the design and the capabilities, this sports car slash supercar is priced really well. This is from a new auto manufacturer called Apex. They design and manufacture their cars in the UK. What do you guys think? xo, AlexFollow me on:

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here in Dubai I hope you are well I’ve got some exclusive footage for you today I’m super excited to show you this so the deal is apex a car manufacturer has sent me this footage that no one else has so that you and me can take a look at this today what it is is it’s a sports car with hyper car capabilities and it’s not going to cost as much as you think px is a new manufacturer car manufacturer they were founded in 2018 you might wonder why I’m not there in person filming this car I wish I was obviously it’s very weird times at the moment with coronavirus you and I are gonna take a look at its coolest features right now okay let’s do this here it is okay first things first the look of this car is inspired by a cyber dragon I have no idea what that is but it sounds great okay take my money Oh so let’s just take a look little look around this car you see the back headlights here you’re gonna want to see how they turn on they are incredible and take a look at these little tree LED headlights at the front that’s quite cool I’ve not seen that design before and we’ll just take a closer look at the front here now guys this is all electric all electric they say sports car but honestly it’s got hypercar capabilities 0 to 100 in 2.3 seconds that’s like Tesla fast that’s faster than to Islam okay here on the side just take a look at these side mirrors they’re like little side cameras it kind of has a shape of a Pagani in some way don’t you think now the wheels here what they’ve got is 19 inch wheels in the front and 20 inch wheels in the back and this thing you’re looking at right now is something called lead art technology now let me just pause that and explain it because this is quite interesting lead our technology actually means that this car has self-driving capabilities so as soon as countries around the world legalized self-driving they’re gonna unlock that capability and you’re gonna have self-driving tech in your car at the moment why it has this is because it actually captures detailed 3d images of what surrounds the car and it captures that in such detail that it will be able to pick up things like just a few centimetres long from over a hundred metres away so that’s what that technology is capable of you see from the top view you can tell how the doors are gonna open because half of the glass on the roof is cut out so that means that when the doors open they cannot open kind of like a 720 s and McLaren 1720s where half the roof opens with the door so that’s gonna look awesome we’ll see that in a second no we’ll come around the back no like duals there it just took off I wasn’t ready I’m explaining the Gaels there are deals on the back right there quite cool like these little ridges all the way down this centre fin it’s a massive centre fin and that looks quite cool watch this this is mad look how the taillights light up now what is so cool about this is that is the exact logo of apex that’s one way of letting drivers around you know what you’re driving just have like the logo in lights right at the like blasting everyone who’s driving behind you that looks sick don’t you think that’s probably my favorite feature on this car all right let’s keep going all right a little bit of a look through look headlights go on as well that’s quite a nice little headlight feature doors opening so they’ve got this beautiful butterfly doors on this carbon-fiber body the whole thing is carbon fiber it weighs 1,200 kilos you guys which is not very much at all for example a Lamborghini Huracan weighs about 1500 kilos the main issue with electric vehicles is the weight of the batteries right so they really struggle to keep that weight down so 1,200 kilos is quite good and what’s interesting is half of that weight is just because of the batteries that’s crazy isn’t it all right the stuff we want to know right how fast is it I did mention this before this is crazy fast zero to 100 in 2.3 seconds horsepower 650 horsepower the equivalent of 650 from the batteries and the range is over 500 kilometers now if you’re looking at a fully electric car coming out to the market in the next few years some of those electric cars are asking in the millions of dollars for those kind of capabilities so 0 to 100 around the two second mark in these hypercar electric cars hitting the market this one does it in 2.3 seconds super quick but instead of paying millions of dollars this one is going for just under two hundred thousand dollars honestly that’s a pretty good price when you’re talking about kind of hyper car capabilities and even if you’re talking about supercar capabilities when you’re looking at entry-level Ferraris and Lamborghinis and MacLaren’s they have around the 600 horsepower mark as well but those cars I’m going to you at least $100,000 more than this car and then you look at Tesla right because those ones are petrol supercars this is all electric so let’s compare it to a Tesla if you take the fastest Model S it can do 0 to 100 in 2.4 seconds and it costs around $100,000 okay this one’s going to cost you about $100,000 more however please agree with me here that this one looks way way cooler than a Tesla Model S I mean come on you can’t argue that right I loved his la I love its capabilities but it’s just not super cool looking what you’re looking at here in the interior is a holographic augmented reality display I was like yes that is some supercar blondie stuff right there I love it what can I do well apparently you can actually learn how to better drive on the track using this holographic augmented reality display we’re gonna get some more details about that as the car is manufactured over the next few years but I like the sound of that that sounds pretty damn cool the car will also receive regular software updates through the onboard Wi-Fi system you’ve got the racing seat belts there because this is kind of racing inspired but what’s cool is it is road-legal and look you can kind of see the position of the seats now see how your knees go up feet come up almost the same height as your knees so you’re in this kind of position like this okay so it’s kind of the same level that’s a racing inspired kind of well you know wearing these shoes okay you’ve got holes a new pen sorry I didn’t think you guys we’re gonna see what I was wearing today good look at these oops okay now this is a rear-wheel drive car you guys and the batteries actually lie all the way along the bottom the floor of the car so it’s just underneath where you’re sitting the front of it is it’s not a sleek as it could be it’s a little bit bulky there for me I feel but otherwise I quite like the look of it love the doors apex was founded by two brothers and they’re actually racing engineers from Australia my own country so that’s the back story there it looks quite short doesn’t it I love all of its little different elements I love the back taillights I like the headlights I love the doors I think the interior looks pretty damn cool with the displays the rims are cool but as a whole I feel like it looks just a little bit snobby do you not I mean um what do you guys reckon I think it’s got potential though I’m excited about this one there you go that is the new fully electric sports car slash supercar that is coming out from apex and the code name is a p0 they are going to start manufacturing in 2023 from the UK so designed and manufactured in the UK a massive thank you to the guys at apex for sending is this footage exclusive footage for the supercar blondie channel from Hong Kong love you guys good luck with the manufacturing we cannot wait to follow you and what you’re doing and guys give us a quick thumbs up smash the thumbs up button for me and subscribe to the supercar blondie family I love you I’m out

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