The Most Beautiful Car In The World!

The Most Beautiful Car In The World!


This is the Renault TREZOR and it took me two years to track down this amazing car! The top of the car resembles the female form and the bottom, the male form. Chief Designer Laurens, says when the roof is closed, it’s like the two forms interlock. This car is all about romance. This is a one-off model from the manufacturer. Don’t you think this is one of the sexiest cars ever made?Special thanks to Laurens – @laurensvandenacker and the @grouperenault team for making this special day happen!Follow me on:Music by:Stormchaser by Paul Fowler

Honeycomb kind of texture here on the top look how that opens up how amazing is this car what’s up guys at supercar blondie here in Paris and I am with the Renault Tresor and I want to show you around this incredible car so currently I’m in Drive I’m just going to pull that back into park and then here’s how you turn the car off start start/stop button and then you’ve got to actually pull your phone out this car is so special you guys that I’ve been trying to get a hold of this car for two years to show you what is going on I’ve just been looking at it on pictures and thinking I need to drive this car and this is one of the most advanced concept cars out there you know sometimes you get concept cars that look incredible but they don’t actually drive this one is fully drivable it’s been tested on the track before has been driven through mountain ranges 0 to 100 in less than four seconds big shout-out to my supercar blondie family thank you so so much for subscribing if you haven’t yet just click the subscribe button below the video because this is where you’re going to see the most incredible cars around the world right let’s get straight to it now I know when we do concept cars sometimes you guys complain you’re like ha ha but it opens too slowly or whatever right check out how fast these closes boom done matter of seconds isn’t that just crazy beautiful and then take a look at this honeycomb kind of texture here on the top look how that opens up I’ve never seen that before how beautiful does it look it’s not just for design it’s actually for function this is actually designed as an air intake so what it does is it throws air through the batteries here in the front so their batteries here in the front and then batteries in the back this when we open the top again I’ll show you but this hexagonal kind of honeycomb effect runs through the whole car it’s here on the front it’s also on the tires which I’ll show you in just a sec and then take a look at this this is a carbon-fiber body that has the honeycomb shape all the way through that is incredibly beautiful I’ve never seen that before and this is just a design feature that they wanted to kind of pull the whole car together this is also crazy cool this I’ve never seen before either these taillights here look out first of all this is a laser fiber a light you see how you can touch them they’re all little beams running through here and then when you break watch what happens they actually move what you see that what so you break and it does that where have you ever seen that before that is so cool you know I just love that they’re kind of thinking really outside the box with this car and the fact that it’s not just design it is literally fully drivable which is so so cool I open up the top again and look how when the top opens these headrests automatically move back so that what you can get in easily though the pedals here you can adjust to move towards you or back away from you just with these buttons here and then I always have them as close as possible and just look how big the interior is they’re actually really proud of this interior it’s almost like when you open this canopy it’s like opening a treasure box to see all of the the beauty inside and the red they’ve chosen because it symbolizes romance and love and just the lines on it are so sleek that it’s meant to be super romantic and all about yeah the future of yeah romance and sleek design so we’re just been falling in love with it yeah I’m saying yeah I’m falling in love with it it’s so beautiful we’re gonna actually talk to Lawrence who’s the head designer here at Renault and he’s going to join us shortly so anything that I’ve missed we’re gonna pick his brains just to see why he has designed it in this way you see this honeycomb shape again running through the tires and what’s cool about this tire also is is that it has two different types of rubber so we’ve got the hard rubber and also the soft rubber the cool thing about electric cars is that you get more storage but instead of having this part be the engine you’ve actually got all of this as storage this here is luggage so here and over here you can either use this suitcase or you can bring your own you know take this one out fully I think I mean everyday look so you can just carry that one around alright cool so we’re gonna go for a bit of a drive I’ve already driven it a bit today but I want to show you internally what happens when you turn it off you’re fully like enclosed in this glass canopy and look at the vision you’ve got nothing in your way which I really really like you see all the way around and yeah they’ve tinted it red so that you know it falls in line with the romantic theme of the car okay right let’s start and now drive okay headrest I’m going to bring that forward a little bit they’re ready hmm okay when I lift my foot off the brake it’s just gonna go so here we go stopping the traffic zero to 100 in less than four seconds it’s a fast car I just love that this car it’s fully functional you know you can literally drive this on the street so so cool thank you so much for having us here so this is Lawrence everyone and he is the man behind this incredible design it’s awesome kind of want to get in and drive no time right the girl’s been out for four years now right yeah 16 2016 it was the kind of the start of a new generation of Renaud’s right and we always want to start with a beautiful statement you know a design of beauty but also telling a story of love and I think you already covered this right right I kind of got the romantic vibes from the car yeah tells the story and that’s always nice since 2016 every time you look at it you’re still kind of in alright yeah it’s a superstar in fact this car is traveling the world is it’s the most famous car that we have at the moment it’s one every single price that you can imagine so what kind of process does it want actually well it’s one Villa d’Este it’s one Chantal Yi it’s one best concept car of the year and Eva effect I think any price that you can imagine it that’s why it was a super model of the year it’s incredible it’s like a celebrity guys and we get our hands on it today and I’m so happy to be able to show you this car well we wanted to tell a story of a feminine and a male side because we’re human brand you want this car to look as human as possible right therefore we have three essential shapes because we feel this come you know humans are not square we’re not we don’t have edges yeah but at the same time we wanted to give you an effeminate and a masculine feeling so there’s the hexagonal shapes our masculine vibe this we’re using a new technology it’s called parametric design it’s the computer in fact creates the surfaces because you wouldn’t be able to design every single one yeah exactly we chose for the masculine side to the hexagonal and then for the feminine side it’s all these and shiny and brilliant and sleek lines yeah and the two shapes are interlocking so it also gives you an impression of the male and a female yeah all the French they know how to be romantic the opening is just like when you when you’re when you have somebody who proposes he opens up the box no this is why this whole car okay so I thought it was more like a treasure chest with it actually it’s an engagement ring Zoara this is why it’s a treasure that is so cool we put even in here a sign of two rings interlocking if you sit inside and you push this ring yeah the car will switch to autonomous mode and you can enjoy your champagne together and you don’t have to drive so don’t because we’re thinking you know if you want to drive we can give you an an awesome experience but if you don’t want to drive we give you the most relaxing experience so it’s not like you stopped driving but yeah you know there’s stages in life where I don’t like to drive but there’s many opportunities where if you see a couple of curves coming up you just switch back and then you choose you the best experience to something like this is this doable on a Renault car today or very soon in the future can we see these kind of design elements never is easy to make but imagine if you damage this what would happen oh it would be a nightmare yeah this is the difference between the concept car it’s literally a supermodel that worse oh dear you know whereas the the impossible clothes that look good on station and on a picture but they wouldn’t be very practical in daily life fair enough what I’m really impressed with guys and I said this before is that this is a fully drivable functional concept car and you don’t get that very often when concept cars look this good they usually a don’t even drive or they drive maybe five kilometers an hour why do you guys make sure that the cars are fully drivable and can go you know 160 170 kilometers now yeah we do it because we want to it looks really good on TV you know love it but we know what that’s about so you guys are working on something now right yeah we’re always we’re always plenty of ideas you know there’s too many other ideas yeah your brain is exploding if you want to see me review the next Renault concept car this is Lawrence’s Instagram go give him some love say you’re here because you want me to go review the next concept car and we can try and make it happen let’s do this let’s do it another deal rock and roll I love it okay that’s it peeps right one day in Paris just to film with this incredible car make sure to subscribe and click that little button as well the little bell because that’ll let you know as soon as one of these awesome cars has gone on my channel love you guys so much a massive thank you to Renault for inviting me here today and also to Lawrence for showing me around his baby the chief designer here at Renault right I’m out love you bye

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