“The most effective Astra” Opel has updated the popular model

“The most effective Astra” Opel has updated the popular model

Streamline car does not differ almost from the predecessor, since the main changes are hidden under the hood, where there are new petrol and diesel turbo engine.

For several months photospin caught camouflaged Opel Astra, but could not hide the updated model. Changes in appearance were minor, and all the most important thing is hidden in the engine compartment.

“The most effective Astra”, as he calls novelty manufacturer, visually does not seem to have changed. But in fact, careful work in the wind tunnel allowed small strokes to reduce the coefficient of air resistance to 0.26 hatchback and wagon – to 0.25. This helped to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The main changes concerned the lineup of motors. The petrol engine is a 1.2 – and 1.4-liter turbine units with a capacity of from 110 to 145 HP, 6-speed manual transmission is expected from the 1.2 engine and 7-speed “robot” is available for larger engine.

Diesel presents a 1.5-liter engine capacity of 105 and 122 HP, By default they are equipped with the mechanics and the options available first in the history of Opel 9-speed automatic.

All the units for emissions are in compliance with modern environmental standards Euro 6d.

All versions of the updated Opel Astra has received led headlights, an improved rear camera with a more contrasting image, upgraded multimedia system and a fully digital dashboard, available as an option.

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