The most “evil” Land Cruiser 300 was noticed in Australia

The most “evil” Land Cruiser 300 was noticed in Australia


Photos and videos have appeared on the Web showing the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SUV performed by the GR Sport version. The car was spotted during road tests in Australia. The pictures were posted on Instagram by users @ land.cruiser.300 and @ benjamin.foon.

The photo and video shows a matte black Land Cruiser 300. It is interesting to note that the car is covered with a layer of dust, which indicates the tests of the car in off-road conditions and dirt roads.

The GR Sport version is indicated by special rims, a rear bumper and a badge on the tailgate, which was glued to this pre-production prototype.

Meanwhile, the standard Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is due to hit the Australian market later this year. It is not clear whether a GR Sport variant will be available here, or whether the car seen by eyewitnesses is being tested for other markets.

From the performance of the GR Sport, one should not expect forced engines or a more efficient braking system, all changes will come down to external accents.

Recall that the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SUV was presented in June this year.

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