The most expensive car in the world!

The most expensive car in the world!


What’s so special about the most expensive car in the world? I meet the owner and find out.Follow me to:Ferrari Middle EastGulf Concours Burj Al ArabVacheron ConstantinTalacrestMusic by:Buddha by Kontekst Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 …Music provided by Audio Library Like Apollo by jimmysquare Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 …Music provided by Audio Library

when in the well it’s a Ferrari kind of weekend this weekend guys and I’ve got the California tea in my parking spot here in red of course it’s a 3.9 liter turbocharged v8 now that’s the same as the 488 GTB but this one has a hundred less horsepower but I have to say it still kind of catches up or it feels not just as fast but it still feels really fast we were driving next to a four eight eight last night and it could kind of catch up with the four eight eight or maybe he was just a really hot but it just feels like you’re still driving a very fast car this is one thing I find odd when you open the car it feels like you’re in a hospital listen doesn’t that remind you of something I think it could have a nicer like opening tone this is something different you don’t get in those Ferraris boot space so you can know you can do the shopping and come home quite comfortable the other thing is it’s a four-seater now there are other four seater Ferraris of course switch this around and then you can press the start button oh good it’s perfect for my two dogs I mean it is possible good sitting here but not very long distance the comfiest see but you know what has four seats so if you need it then I’m now going to the world’s only seven star hotel the Burj Al Arab they’ve got a massive car display there today we’re going to take you through some of the world’s most exclusive and expensive cars and I thought what better car to take to the Burj Al Arab than a Ferrari and the California T it’s just classy you know you can get away with it anyway sounds beautiful I’m not sure how much but you can hear we don’t vary when you change gears you get it’s kick every time this is about 3.6 seconds 0 to 100 it’s still super fast this car alcohol that you can use everywhere yes so now we’re pulling up to this seven star hotel and this is the only hotel where they have the strictest entrance policy you’ve got to be on the list to be able to get through these gates up here where they go me in between all these authorities they’re saying that this is probably one of if not the best collection of cars in the world this is the first car that you walk in and see the laferrari I have never seen one this close before this is kind of exciting I can’t believe I admit that to you but I mean look we’ve got cars in Dubai and then you guys start another nine one date yesterday were in agreement at the super carbon which one would you have you know if you got the peak of the two which one we don’t you what stands out more do you reckon I know which one I have I can’t this is a Pagani Zonda I was watching the manufacturers it’s this video about how they actually really straight on the design and you stepped on these so that they Damien he’s one of the judges Indian right let’s go so we’re here with the Ferrari line well one of let’s start with this car we’ll work our way up because I hear the most expensive cars at the end of this line that’s it talk to me about this car what makes it special okay this is a 250 GT California series one okay so 1959 model quite rare because I mean these were rare in these are these are worth two to three million dollars any day of the week it’s missing these panels here which they normally have the norm about grills swag so this is quite rare in terms of this one so this series one adds just a little more value to it but the California obviously built for the US market has always been worth something this is the car Basu they ran in Ferris Bueller which helps to his cult status scale going back then so great to have that here beautiful looking car what makes a classic worth that much money okay we’ve got classics that are worth a lot more money than two or three million but why why this car I mean there were probably Ferraris built a few years after this they would also be classics but why is this worth more supply and demand primarily the American distributor which was very strong back then and it was going off the back of the Hollywood movie star of the 1950’s so they convinced Ferrari to make a different kind of Ferrari a convertible primarily and so these cars were made for the American market how many cars were made no these were probably talking about 2,000 just a handful around the world HP s particular yeah and a lot there’s a lot of replicas awful lot of reference but to find the real thing incredibly rare and yeah okay so so tell us about this car then first of all the price tag what’s hanging off it okay this one you ready I don’t know 55 million dollars 55 million dollars I think like you know like Diamont is just rubbed off on my fingers or something it is for sale so if you know anyone who is up for that it’s it is the world’s most expensive car really here this is it the world’s most expensive got 55 billion dollars standing behind me the world’s most expensive car okay okay well why the 250 GTO has always been a desirable car it’s always been in the millions the previous most expensive count was also 250 GTO that was sterling Moss’s car okay that was sort of the sort of his option last year for 38.9 I think million dollars so the 250 GTO has pedigree anyway but what makes this one even more special is it’s um it’s an American car it’s no in the American color of blue with the white stripe because though all the countries had their own racing colors back then and this was built for Phil Hill and this is the first Racing 250 GTO in really so it actually qualified at Lamar and 90s 62 okay so it has a lot of pedigree and it’s it’s been it’s been run by the what they call not which is the North American Racing team division of Ferrari and very very well known division of Ferrari so this is the first one of its kind how many then were I think there’s been another 25 to 30 well only yeah yeah and they are they still around today yeah yeah in fact a good would last year the year before they had a whole grid of a they they in fact this car was probably there I’m guessing but they had a full grid of them racing at Goodwood last year that was the most expensive race period in the history that would win Walker had built more than half a billion worth it we’re talking four hundred million five yeah okay so what makes this one be most expensive out of all the other ones is it just that it was the first one it’s quite the first one and it’s got racing pedigree case so that that adds a lot to it and it’s absolutely mint condition it’s beautiful that’s the great thing Ferrari have in their classic a division beckoned in Maranello they have the part number and the paint color number and every key they have all the blueprints off every single Ferrari that’s ever been made Wow go back to that original yet after original good this gets damaged yeah you can get back to Maranello and sit in there for in their office for a couple of days and go through with the part number the engine component numbers and rebuild it exactly the same that’s incredible well thanks Amy this is incredible so so right now I mean the world’s most expensive car fifty five million dollars right here I’m just fat for like ten minutes I feel like I owe the owner like a million bucks I’m here with John he’s the owner of this Ferrari here are you own all of these trading they’re all for sale well it hurt you a little bit when it goes to someone else no maybe it’s mine yeah okay so I write a check for fifty five million dollars maybe sixty million dollars for that one seven million for the other one you make million for the red one so quite a good day there bean I say no so where did you pick these up from the biggest classic Ferrari deal in the world over 1700 Ferraris over a billion dollar Wow who do you thinks gonna buy this car some really big wallet Penhale so I’ve already at one offer but the chap wants to trade like 20 cars plus money okay I’m gonna clear the cars offering the power you stake sir yeah I like them yeah if you have any excess money you can just throw my way well it was worth a try right well it’s been a pleasure to meet you and good luck with our sales yeah where are you Australia we’re here at the Burj Al Arab and of course a month called world’s most expensive cars you get the best watches right so this one actually stood out because you’ll see what’s off about it where’s the 12 on the dial over to the right and you’re saying this is all on purpose this is a race watch yes exactly so that that that watch is actually a natural link with with vintage cars it’s called the American 1921 it was actually developed the original of this piece was developed for the American market for in the 1920s for the time actually cars came up and the way it is designed is other mistakes watch making very precise or not that it tip them yeah yeah it was precisely done in a way to allow people who had at the time than their hands on the wheel to allow them to read the precise time without taking the hand off the wheel so this watch is made for driving you’ve got your hands on the wheel twelve o’clock is dead it works as well at one o’clock normally the crown you would find it at three o’clock to allow the people that even when the drive to winder watch without taking their and this is a redesign of the classic isn’t it that is a fashionable concept now we have we all this twist Watchmen opportunities more than two hundred six years of uninterrupted history and we always inspire ourselves from the past so this piece is a new if you want rebirth of the piece original from 1921 but the design is very very close to the origin so when was this designed when did this one this one was first presented I think four years ago okay the American twins in 1921 is clearly the one economy when you own a rolls all you want to do is go on picnics right this this is an extra picnic set that you can request think this is worth 15,000 pounds this cart am i right was the car used in the Fast and Furious 7 movie take a look at this there are a few really cool features about this car first of all inside see this screen here in the middle that’s not an ordinary screen what happens is a hologram will appear and you can interact with that hologram the other thing you’ve got diamonds diamonds all right this is a lie cat hopefully I’m gonna be driving this one soon can’t we they took the Ferrari out to replace it with two I feel like after being in the world’s most expensive car I should have like diamonds dripping from me awesome heat so catch you guys on the next one

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