The Most Expensive Japanese Car!!

The Most Expensive Japanese Car!!


My first time driving the Lexus LFA, the most expensive Japanese supercar ever made! This went straight in to my top 5 cars to drive. Thanks to Dutton Garage in Melbourne!Thanks to

nobody yell out of that metal not a white girl got it yeah white girl I like to drive with the white girl yeah it’s good what’s up it’s a backup on the I’m here in Melbourne at duck garage and for the very first time I have been an enemy ears to the LFA guys guys you have a license to do that they just random people this is not water right Stevie J DS Oh perfect no these are no is this your real accent okay so what’s happened is we’ve just come back from a drive and we were low on fuel so in order to keep the video going we have licensed out our operation to a very qualified yes petrol in the car yeah one of 500 in the world and only one of the handful of dry hair dryer because of both we’re in Australia there’s only like well for an Australian term of Australia since this LFA now is worth almost a million US dollars it’s going for about nine hundred forty thousand dollars we came out for about three fifty and this is a 2012 model so what are we seeing played us six years later and it’s tripled in price wow I’ve had a little bit of a squeeze so I’m gonna show you all the things that I really liked and that stood out to me because they don’t muck around with the seatbelts today that’s heavy duty right they’re huge so it’s just a key turn and then now you don’t hear much when it actually starts out it’s a v10 4.8 liter it’s got about 550 horsepower but then when you get into the higher routes and we take off then you’re gonna hear some a very unique sound I was super super impressed by this so these are all drive modes here’s auto and then you flicked it down like that actually in wet now we’ve gone to down to far flick it back up now you’re in normal mode and then click it once up now you’re in sport mode these two buttons here display this is it’s different from any other car I’ve seen here in the center console it’s quite a big center console it’s quite wide but it doesn’t detract from the overall look of the car inside this is the buttons for the seat to move it forward and back so this is Ford this is that this bit here is up like actually down the front bit down and then if you want to move the back bit up so the all-in-one button you can are moving you see and then this one this is for the back to go they’re quite big the buttons but they look sleek don’t they what is really weird is there is a cool button to put this boiler up in the back but it is nowhere that you can reach from the driver’s seat it’s actually all the way over here behind the passenger well on the right hand drive right they had a left hand drive it would be there I suppose so yeah but I mean as they’ve had to move everything over they’ve actually forgotten to move that button so there’s that button should i press secrecy yeah yeah that’s why and go oh you got to keep it pressed nice looks cool very cool can we hear the engine yeah alright let’s let’s try to normal load and then we’ll see the difference between the sound yeah pretty aggressive now you put in sports Same Same Same Same oh the only thing that I can tell it’s a lot different is the whole car shakes when you rev it in sports okay I mean here going to just pull both of these back into neutral and then the reverse but it’s actually yes you’d never find it it take you 10 minutes to find the reverse yeah the indicator the indicator here is super thin and it’s actually really convenient I don’t know why indicators actually need to be any bigger than that you can find it very easily it’s very sturdy and that’s are aligning all educators should be in every car honestly diesel elephant diesel LFA only one in the Australian opal are there Marin are white girl Daria white girl I like to drive with the white girl that’s good mirror box on equally chillier Drive day they I like it how’s it going engine I never expected this from Alexis I know I know the other Fae is something special I just didn’t really have an expectation that’s going into it the sound of it kind of reminds me of like an f1 engine just on a smaller scale it screams actually it’s incredible it’s such a unique sound when you turn it on then you kind of creep forward it’s not you can’t really hear anything from the engine but when you take off and it so easily goes into the high revs you know from eight to nine thousand revs and it’s so easily handles they do 9,000 revs so easily you can handle that and it’s just screaming at you the power is incredible it feels so much more powerful than 550 horsepower this is rear-wheel drive so it just kind of plays around a little bit more the wheels were spinning as I took off there at the lights and it just gives you a completely different experience I think goodie oh god now don’t take it for a spin money no yesterday explain in and got’em not even looking at the cars that’s silly I’ve got three fools yes well they’re gonna love Mario / top toy cars mommy you’re very strong maybe I need to stop pushing strap up your heart stick out your chest get it done there’s nobody in this world we’re just gonna go push cars around what else a huge collection right crazy thank you guys so much for giving me the LFA to test right for the very very first time as I said one of my top five cars to drive just not my style that’s the only thing but it’s always give and take with every part right so thank you very much I hope you liked the video please like it like it and subscribe to my channel we’ve got so so so much more coming love you from Melbourne good night

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