The most expensive tractor in the world sold at auction

The most expensive tractor in the world sold at auction


Custom locomotive THOR 24 was sold for a record 13 $ 400,000 at an auction in Saudi Arabia. The name of the new owner expensive in its category of the tractor is not reported. At its creation it has been spent 7 years and 7 000 000 dollars.

According to the magazine “Profile”, this creation belongs to Customizer Mike Harrah. He gathered the locomotive based on the Peterbilt 359 1979 release. Harrah combined two diesel-14-liter engine V12 Detroit with 12 compressors, at the end of the power plant has 3 974 horsepower. Transmission, 4-speed, manual. The lever is made in the form of a huge dagger. On the rear bumper the brake parachutes in the amount of 4 pieces, which help to quickly reduce the speed of the giant — his weight is 13.5 tons.

The interior of the SUV is equipped with a sufficiently powerful sound system 1500 watts and a big screen TV, which feeds a turbine auxiliary power unit. In addition, there are four cameras for ease of Parking. In addition, the tractor has a 26 exhaust pipes, two of which are just decoration.

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