The most incredible convertible Lada Hungarian production

The most incredible convertible Lada Hungarian production


The original Roadster Roadster Arsenal, decorated in the style of 1920-1930-ies, which is based on a LADA 1200, was established in 1980 and appeared on the Hungarian market.

Data about cars was published on one of the Hungarian online resources in 2010, however, now about the car and remembered in the domestic Internet.

Created the Roadster mechanic Frederick Bank Soltvadkert been fascinated by cars since the war. Perhaps the creation of the car was impressed by the Mercedes SSK.


As it turned out, the Roadster turned out racing. Talked about this quite a powerful speed performance and light weight of the car (about 270 kg).

Roadster the engine had 130 horsepower and 1.6 liters of volume. This powerplant machine is received after 1990-ies. With the help of the motor, the Roadster can reach a top speed of 200 km/h. Until 90-ies of the Roadster was set to 1.2 l engine from VAZ. Of course, this engine gave such a strong performance.

As already mentioned, the basis of the Roadster took the LADA 1200 was a version for export VAZ-2101. The choice was stopped on this model because then the “penny” was quite popular in Hungary.


In the mid 1990-ies, the Creator of the Roadster has sold a license for a car and the necessary documents to another Hungarian businessman, who began the production as Noel Roadster. In 1999, the last unit of the car off the line.

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