The most insane Fiat Panda: 300 forces and rally stuffing

The most insane Fiat Panda: 300 forces and rally stuffing


First, take four minutes and watch the video. Necessarily with sound! Restomods, that is, vintage cars with modern filling, are now on the wave of popularity, but we have not seen such a crazy project for a long time.

If anyone is not in the know, the British M-Sport team under the leadership of Malcolm Wilson actually represents Ford in the World Rally Championship, plus they conduct various client programs on a racing theme. Therefore, one should not be surprised at what the modest classic Fiat Panda eventually turned into after visiting the renovated factory of the famous team.

In a nutshell, the Pandamonium project is an attempt to stretch the body of an Italian hatch on the chassis of a rally Ford Fiesta of the R5 category. That is why the car received a characteristic body kit with “square” extensions (plus 360 mm!) Of wheel arches in the spirit of the legendary “Group B”. Under the hood is a 1.6-liter turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engine with an output of about 300 hp. and 450 Nm, which go to the all-wheel drive transmission via a five-speed Sadev sequential gearbox.

The cockpit has retained some of the authentic elements, but mostly an ascetic racing style reigns here again. Developed safety cage with FIA homologation, bucket seats with multi-point belts, total relief. In particular, the plastic upholstery and the unnecessary rear sofa were sent to a landfill – a spare wheel was placed behind the pilot and navigator.

As far as we know, the fierce hot hatch at M-Sport was built for a reason, but at the request of an unnamed client. The cost of the project was also not disclosed. But the main thing is that other unique cars may follow the brutal Fiat Panda restomod. Hopefully just as interesting.

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