The most liquid is not Toyota?! TOP-20 fast-selling used cars

The most liquid is not Toyota?! TOP-20 fast-selling used cars


One of the American publications conducted a study of the used car market and made a rating of the 20 most demanded on the “secondary” cars. The ranking is based on the average number of days required for a sale.

Due to the ever-present shortage of chips and the scarcity of new cars, many American consumers are forced to turn their attention to used cars. Due to the increased demand, the prices for “used cars” in the United States have risen by about 30% since the beginning of the year. The guys at iSeeCars decided to research the used car market and find out which models are selling the fastest.

10 out of 20 seats are reserved for traditional cars with gasoline engines. However, the remaining 10 belong to hybrids and electric vehicles. The most popular petrol car turned out to be the BMW 4-series coupe. And here are the first 3 places for electric cars.

The first place is deservedly occupied by Tesla Model 3, on average they are sold in 15.7 days at a price of $ 46,982. The second place goes to the Chevrolet Bolt – on average, it takes almost 21 days to sell for $ 22,000. Third place again for Tesla, this time true for the more luxurious Model S. At an average price of 64,000, three times the price of the Bolt, it takes almost as long to sell.

The top twenty includes rather motley cars. The rating is closed by the Chevrolet Camaro, which very few people need new, but on the secondary market it is a rather popular car. Moreover, there are no competitors from Ford and Dodge in the TOP-20. Camaro goes for an average of $ 36,597 and 27.6 days.

Of all those surveyed, the average car costs $ 31,036 and retails in 35.4 days.

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