The most long-range electric car stood on the conveyor

The most long-range electric car stood on the conveyor


American startup Lucid Motors has started serial production of Air electric vehicles (executive sedan) – the first commercial copies of the model rolled off the assembly line of Casa Grande (Arizona) on September 28.

Recall that the Air prototype was presented back in 2016. The electric car was initially presented as a competitor to the Tesla Model S, and the emphasis was not only on impressive performance, but also on luxury.

Lucid Air is based on LEAP’s proprietary modular platform with a flat design (it is called a skateboard): batteries are installed under the passenger floor that power very light (74 kg) electric motors capable of spinning up to 20,000 rpm.

The Air has a 32-inch widescreen display that serves as a digital instrument cluster and multimedia system. There are a minimum of physical buttons – they can be seen on the door armrests and steering wheel, most of the functions have been transferred to the media system.

The Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-1) assembles electric vehicles, while the adjacent Lucid Powertrain Manufacturing (LPM-1) facility manufactures key components including electric motors, traction batteries and power electronics. According to a Lucid Motors spokesman, oversight of development and production allowed the company to reach 1126 horsepower. on the top version of the Air Dream Edition. Cruising range – 837 km, with strict EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification.

First, it is planned to release the top version of the Dream Edition, in the US it will cost $ 169,000, this version will be released in 520 copies. A slightly simpler modification of the Air Grand Touring (811 hp, power reserve – 830 km) will also go on sale. Such a car will cost $ 139,000.

The more affordable Air Touring and Air Pure will begin production after they receive EPA certifications. After the start of their assembly, the minimum price for an electric car will be $ 77,400. For comparison, the base Tesla Model S now costs $ 91,190.

Lucid Motors has collected 13,000 Air pre-orders so far. In 2023, the AMP-1 plant should begin production of the Project Gravity electric crossover.

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