The Most Luxurious Car Ever Made | Mercedes Maybach Pullman

The Most Luxurious Car Ever Made | Mercedes Maybach Pullman


This is the Mercedes Maybach Pullman. It’s a car made with Royals and Presidents in mind. It’s so spacious and comfortable and even comes with a fridge big enough for three champagne bottles. Check out all of its features in this vid! To buy this car, visit – Follow me on:

can I do it yeah good for I think you need to push it up to get the blue oh yeah there you go Wow I don’t get it I’ve got a new gig guys chauffeur what’s up welcome to the channel supercar blondie here this is of the most luxurious I keep saying the most the most something in the world this is the most luxurious car I’ve ever seen honest to god so I’m going to show you guys around this card’s got so many features so many buttons everything and I’ve also got my mate picking him up he’s named sergey and i’m gonna blow his mind with this car alright let me just give him a call he’s gonna come out this is the mercedes maybach Pullman that’s the name though officially hey hey mate come out come out alright you’re ready for your mind to be blown okay bye this is a how you doing with this doesn’t it’s just like scream I’ve important I’ve never seen this in my life I’ve never seen this in my life this is the first time for me as well it’s like a presidential car yeah so this car guys is basically made for presidents for royal family yeah I mean president you dress the part what I did is I did a little Google on giraffes and the world’s tallest giraffe if you were to lay that giraffe down lengthways these car would still be longer than the giraffe that’s kind of crazy right that’s a really crazy comparison to I would have thought your ass would be a lot longer but there you go this is the Mercedes Maybach Pullman was actually used to describe luxury coaches back in the day like train carriages because they like pull on the actual vehicle maybe they poor man they pull let’s run with that yeah that’s exactly right so Pullman so they’ve kind of taken that luxurious like name and put it on this car basically this is brand new this car it’s for sale at Q motors here in Dubai how much you reckon it goes for brand-new brand new it’s a 2016 model but zero kilometers on the clock no one’s ever driven this I’d say a lot of dollars eight hundred and seventy thousand US dollars that’s a lot of money that’s a little money right but actually this ones are steel because they can go all the way up to 1.8 million dollars what’s the difference so you can get one with like military capabilities guns and weak I’m surprised you yeah I suppose you could like ask for that but I’m not sure if they do for you what what it does is it has like undercarriage protection for like grenades if grenades go and also bulletproof doors this car is based off the Mercedes s-class right but it is over a metre longer than the standard s-class and you can see kind of that compartment the only thing that I’m not little laughing at this point is the room what do you think yeah I was actually gonna say that the entire car is super sick yeah but the rims are so tiny I can’t like these like the tires look so massive and then you’ve got like these tiny looking like ribbons like if you pimped out the rooms yeah yeah like this looks like it’s already bulletproof this is sturdy I mean this is a massively thick tyre throw some 22 is blacking out okay are you ready for this that’s what I came here for so ready ready guys look first of all just look how big this door is Jesus look at this right okay actually so do you wanna go right I’m gonna blow your minds with all the features I’m dreaming alright alright first thing I want to show you is these two are like the VIP presidential chairs okay but if you have your assistants with you boom two chairs appear then does this for like the camera person so he can sit as well oh nice oh stretched out my legs yeah it’s still like quite roomy right yeah instead of reaching see I couldn’t even reach you’ve got a door close button like in a Rolls Royce here we go this is a hundred times cooler with all the doors closed because it looks like it’s nighttime you could sleep in here I’ve got so many other things to show you right let me pull my chair back because you’re kind of in a sleeping position oh I love this though this is nice look this reclines to about 45 degrees okay and you’ve got plush little pillows behind your head which is nice I don’t feel that see this blue skylight yeah we’re actually gonna change the colour with this button push this how does that work I think it’s got like actually I don’t know it like some kind of a like electromagnetic field that then like disperses do you know it’s like opaque and then you can either have like fool like right or you can be like Jim can I do it yeah I think you need to push it up to get the blue oh yeah there you go Wow I don’t get it it’s one of those things we just accept let’s open up the curtains now the curtains button is here surgery Soji you wanna go for that one yeah look at these baby little curtains yeah like eeny meeny miny ones so you can even you could have all of these curtains open and then just have these ones closed for privacy so no one can see who’s sitting back here if you want to do some work or just put here this one and then around like that it even says quality I mean Who am I to argue with not this is my favorite bit may balk branded champagne glasses okay look this is a Bach way though and because it’s not made out of crystal because you know you know rolls-royce to get the crystal ones there’s no like you can’t damage it it’s not gonna break its own break with you know it’s like well I don’t know we could try but I don’t really what I have to pay for if you’re posh enough to be in this car in the back seat the VIP you don’t want to hold it right why are you drinking I guess not yeah maybe right here are your normal cup holders right so your your Dom Perignon gonna spill everywhere good not good so look what it does it has dedicated champagne holders you just pop this and then you pop this in here that’s so over-the-top how freaking cool is that and then here I love this you can cool your drinks if you got like Coke or you can heat them oh you got a coffee I’ve never seen that anywhere do you feel heat you must do you feel a little yeah on the bottom yeah on the bottom yeah that’s cool we’re cold or hot all right now these we’ve got more but wait ready yeah look at this it’s a fridge for not only one champagne bottle three champagne bottles it fits it goes in super deep one two and then you’ve got another little compartment up here it’s a bit old school this is a CD oh I don’t think I have any CDs anymore do you I’m just pressing buttons yeah oh and by the way look at what this is like a massive speaker it’s a bigger speaker so this you can really only see this one then you see a few speakers around here but you know what it has it actually has surround sound 24 speakers but there’s another massive one up there with these two buttons so now you can like have your presidential meetings and stuff right and then you can also change that’s our a lien technology again yeah so you can see the driver and see the driver how does this work look at what this one does nice TV it’s a good size to take a little house man it’s not even a car it’s just a little house you could definitely live in this car I would right I’ll go to it’s more expensive than most houses though okay so you’ve got the Maybach logo coming up and then look what you have in here full size TV remotes there two of them yeah there are two because you’ve got so many TVs right you’ve got TVs on the underside of these chairs and you’ve got a TV up here so you need lots TV remotes once everything is closed there and you can’t talk to the driver you’ve got this button here and it’s an intercom so you just press this and it goes on look seed red that’s when you know that the driver can hear what you’re saying and then you talk to the driver just like this okay nice oh my god that’s mad can you hear us that’s so cool yeah supercar blondie in the back and sergey yeah look you’ve got night three little analog devices here and you can even check how fast drivers guys eternal intercom yo man slow down yeah you seen the clock and then the temperature the outside temperature we’ve got little may bark pillows of course they’re quite comfy actually I wouldn’t I didn’t think they would because they’re leather in their heart or they’re super but they are really comfy oh okay look at my legs going out like this how nice is this yes and then pull mice yeah yeah just show you how much room you know I’m all the way back here now thanks for the offer holy moly who’s driving I want to stay in the back I can drive if you guys trust me with all right no I’ll Drive I was like looking for a dog door closes soft close all right in we go whoever gets this car please pimp the rims please so worth it ok here we go in the driver’s seat it’s very upright and I don’t drive very upright there’s not much space here honestly it feels a little cramped they’ve given all the space to the to the guys in the back rightfully so I suppose ok I’m gonna activate this speaker put your glass divider up yeah ok so we have just arrived at McDonald’s what would you like I’ll take a number 4 with extra large fries oh sorry coke right pass the money Ford mate it’s not going to pay for your broke-ass just pass the cash through here mate yeah good all right perfect ok so let’s go for a drive so it’s a bit turbo v12 with 530 horsepower that’s what we’re working with look look at this IWC watch again it’s very nice of them everywhere this is the ghillie just like in a rolls and off we go are you ready sir I am ready to go doesn’t feel heavy when you’re driving it doesn’t really doesn’t feel like you’re driving a massive limo is this the protected one are we protected no threats no for eight hundred and seventy thousand dollars you don’t get bulletproof protection sorry about that money km/h I can see it on my yeah yeah slow it down are you crazy we’re going so fast alright that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed the video give us a quick thumbs up and if you haven’t joined the supercar borleefamily yet do it now subscribe to the channel and a massive hello to all of you in my family thank you guys so so much for watching I think that’s it so to get out of the car mate get out we have to do sir it’s not a house you have to get out then how these things work look if this windows the link where you can buy this car is right underneath this video go check it out right bye love your mail see y’all

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