The most luxurious in the world, Kemper will sell under the hammer

The most luxurious in the world, Kemper will sell under the hammer


The growing popularity of RVS and the uniqueness of the lot suggests that will take this caravan for a record amount of money.

At the Leake auction in Scottsdale (Arizona, USA) 18 January 2020 will be sold a unique camper. The current owner Lucas Lackner acquired it at the time, wanting to renovate and upgrade that was done.

Westcraft “Capistrano” 1950 edition has a length of 10 meters and 2 meters in height. It was the longest and rare Quimper from the line Westcraft. Restoring and upgrading homes of Steven the Butcher is a well — known expert in the business of car restoration.


The aim of the project was to create the perfect “restomod”, combining all the modern amenities, but without sacrificing style — art Deco 1930-ies. All modern systems in the trailer are hidden behind panels and doors, and the camper looks vintage.

For example, the lights in the trailer emit light of a cozy shade that was in Vogue in the middle of the last century. TV, audio system, USB ports and charger carefully hidden, but easily accessible. It also upgraded the water heating system and added quiet and highly efficient heating and air conditioning systems Duotherm with remote control.

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