The most mysterious electric car was estimated at 545 thousand dollars

The most mysterious electric car was estimated at 545 thousand dollars


Young American company presented Laffite Supercars supercar terrain called X-Road.

The company Laffite Supercars has prepared an interesting novelty – a double buggy X-Road, adapted for use on public roads.

In creating unusual cars participated firm G-Tec, which was developed to model a space frame of chrome-molybdenum steel. Through the use of polymeric materials machine weight depending on the variant of the power unit is from 1300 to 1620 kg.

Buyers are offered a choice between a conventional internal combustion engine or an electric motor. In the first case under the hood novelties will be a 6.2-liter V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette, the power of which, depending on the degree of force can achieve from 470 to 720 HP paired with them are 5 – or 6-speed sequential manual. The petrol version can accelerate to 230 km/h.

The second option is much more interesting. The electric motor of the Spanish firm QEV Technologies, depending on the version, can develop from 460 to 800 HP, and nutrition for it provides lithium-ion battery is 60 kWh. With an Arsenal buggy can accelerate to 220 km/h and power reserve promised at least 200 miles (320 km).


The off-road character of the car accentuate the high ground clearance, minimal overhangs, and special tires, designed for movement over rough terrain. But the drive is only on the rear wheels.

The company Laffite Supercars was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles Bruno Laffita – the nephew of the famous French F1 driver Jacques Lafitte.

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Laffite X-Road is estimated at a large sum: for the petrol version you will have to pay at least $465 thousand, and the cost of the electric sports car begins at $545 thousand. For comparison, over the amount in USA to purchase two Lamborghini Urus or the Bentley Bentayga… However, the company Laffite Supercars plans to produce and sell 30 copies of the model X-Road.

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