The most popular car in the world perstali to produce

The most popular car in the world perstali to produce


The lack of electronics has affected Toyota as well – now there are disruptions in production of the Toyota Corolla sedan.

The Japanese company Toyota will temporarily stop production of the Corolla due to a shortage of microchips. The car will cease to roll off the assembly line from 13 to 22 October this year. Previously, there was information that the world’s most massive car can be produced with a different multimedia system.

However, now the situation has changed more dramatically – production has become completely impossible. At the same time, Toyota was quick to reassure that downtime will be exclusively at the plant in Indayatuba, but the enterprises in Brazil will continue to operate normally.

At the same time, such news was not surprising – Toyota reported that by the end of October its production would drop by 40% at once. The senior management of the brand noted that it was mainly due to supply disruptions in Southeast Asia.

And we are talking not only about microchips, but also about other necessary details. Note that a small improvement is expected in November, but it is too early to talk about full normalization.

Meanwhile, Hyundai has declassified the interior of its small Casper SUV. Despite the very modest size of the car, the interior looks pretty good.

We also recommend that you watch a detailed review of the Toyota Corolla from the FineAuto team:

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